supposed INFP/INTP/INFJ/ENFP/INTJ music genres

supposed INFP/INTP/INFJ/ENFP/INTJ music genres

INFP Shoegaze (Shoegazing)
INFP Alternative Rock
INFP Nightcore
INFP Grunge
INFP Vaporwave
INFP Dream Pop
INFP Post Punk
INFP Metalcore
INFP Gothic Rock
INFP Indie Rock
INFP Art Pop
INFP Vocaloid
INFP Darkwave
INFP Romanticism
INFP Midwest Emo
INFP Artcore
INFP Chill-out
INFP Slowcore
INFP Hypnagogic pop
INFP Blackgaze
INFP Outsider
INFP Post-Hardcore
INFP Art Punk
INFP Sadcore
INFP Anti-folk
INFP Death Rock
INFP Jangle Pop
INFP Deathdream
INFP Slowed + Reverb
INFP Post-Trance
INFP Gothic Country
INFP Gothic Country
INFP Folktronica
INFP Folktronica
INFP Power Pop
INTP Progressive Rock
INTP 8-Bit (Chiptune)
INTP Post-Rock
INTP Synthwave
INTP Doom Metal
INTP Math Rock and Mathcore
INTP Electronic
INTP Art Rock
INTP Experimental Rock
INTP Doomerwave
INTP Djent
INTP Progressive Metal
INTP Experimental Hip-Hop
INTP Abstract Hip Hop
INTP Krautrock
INTP Glitch
INTP Noise Rock
INTP Stoner Metal
INTP Electro House
INTP Electro
INTP No Wave
INTP Bardcore
INTP Nintendocore
INTP Drone Music
INTP Glitch Pop
INTP Daycore
INTP Minimalism
INTP Post-punk revival
INTP Musique concrète
INTP Onkyokei
INTP Space rock
INTP Minimal Techno
INTP Avant-punk
INTP Microhouse
INTP Suomisaundi
INTP Microhouse
INTP Digital Hardcore
INTP Drumstep
INTP Gorenoise
INTP Glitch Hop
INTP Psybient
INTP Free Improvisation
INTP Hexd (SoundCloud Scene)
INTP Electroacoustic music
INTP Free Improvisation
INTP Hexd (SoundCloud Scene)
INTP Minimal Wave
INTP Field Recordings
INTP Folk punk
INTP Lowercase
INTP Post-Horrorcore
INTP Serialism
INTP Hypertone
INTP Signalwave
INTP Hard bop
INTP Hard bop
INTP Electronicore
INTP Progressive Death Metal
INFJ Ambient Music
INFJ Baroque
INFJ Epic Music
INFJ Trance
INFJ Symphonic Metal
INFJ Gothic Metal
INFJ Celtic
INFJ Indie Folk
INFJ Melodic Death Metal
INFJ New Age
INFJ Folk Metal
INFJ Ethereal Wave
INFJ Neofolk
INFJ Baroque Pop
INFJ Gregorian Chant
INFJ Choro (Chorinho)
INFJ Post-Industrial
INFJ Symphonic Rock
INFJ Unblack Metal
INFJ Melodic Dubstep
INFJ Post-Metal
ENFP Hyperpop
ENFP Synthpop
ENFP Psychedelia
ENFP Britpop
ENFP Power Metal
ENFP Indie Pop
ENFP New Wave
ENFP Bubblegum Pop
ENFP Pop Punk
ENFP Future Bass
ENFP Eurodance
ENFP Lolicore
ENFP J-Metal
ENFP Electronica
ENFP Psytrance
ENFP Future Funk
ENFP Psychedelic Rock
ENFP Happy Hardcore
ENFP Italo Disco
ENFP Madchester
ENFP Showtunes
ENFP Kawaii Metal
ENFP Shibuya Kei
ENFP Sasscore
ENFP Progressive Pop
ENFP Alternative Dance
ENFP Dance Punk
ENFP Throat Singing
ENFP Dreampunk
ENFP Denpa
ENFP Nueva Trova
ENFP Frenchcore
ENFP New Romantic
ENFP Samba rock
ENFP Freak Folk
ENFP Future Riddim
ENFP Psychedelic Pop
ENFP Japanese Jazz Fusion
ENFP Melbourne Bounce
ENFP Motown (music style)
ENFP New rave
ENFP Psychedelic Folk
ENFP Footwork
ENFP Frevo
ENFP Footwork
ENFP Frevo
ENFP Makina
ENFP Midicore
ENFP Polka
ENFP Polyriddim
ENFP Fidget House
ENFP Scenecore
INTJ Classical
INTJ Black Metal
INTJ Dark Ambient
INTJ Epic and Score
INTJ European Folk and Neopagan
INTJ Soundtrack
INTJ Industrial Rock
INTJ Dungeon synth
INTJ Harsh Noise
INTJ Drone Metal
INTJ Orchestral
INTJ Dark Psytrance
INTJ Power Electronics
INTJ Sovietwave
INTJ Ambient Black Metal
INTJ Death Industrial
INTJ Atmospheric Sludge Metal
INTJ Neoclassical Metal
INTJ Cold Wave
INTJ Neoclassical Darkwave
INTJ Aggrotech
INTJ Berlin School
INTJ Power Noise
INTJ Ritual Ambient
INTJ Symphonic Black Metal
INTJ Dub Techno
INTJ Klezmer
INTJ Futurepop
INTJ Horror Synth

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