”Superheroes Need Not Appl

”Superheroes Need Not Apply. Boy Scouts, You Should have Warned Me.”

Helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent. Except for the clean (I’m Messy Marvin grown up), I took those words to heart as a kid as a Boy Scout. Help a stranger in need, think of the other guy. Learned boy stuff, make a campfire, whittle, campfire songs, first aid, how to Save somebody (or at least try), chop a tree, build a fort, how to be a Good Friend, Good Samaritan. Self-control (keep your emotions in check). Most boys of my generation were in Scouts for a time. But what the Boy Scouts didn’t tell me, and I wish they did, is the emotional toll of being A Helper. The Dark Side of making yourself unconditionally available for people is that the world does not want a Hero. Superheroes need not apply. ”Nobody asked for your help.” Don’t help the little old lady across the street, she might trip and sue you. This is the modern message. I have to ignore that message – I have to stay strong and help whether or not the WANT is there – the NEED is still there, The People Still Need Saving. BUT – There are no Merit Badges in Life, Boy Scouts. You should have warned me.

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