Sums it up. It’s held in opposition to capitalism. In capitalism, you can benefit by doing nothing.

Sums it up.

It’s held in opposition to capitalism. In capitalism, you can benefit by doing nothing.


I went to a grade-free college for that reason. [Hampshire College, Amherst MA] back in 1990/91. Never finished (’cause tuition was too damn high and scholarships not enough].

They recently did something revolutionary about two years ago: They eliminated SAT scores for entrance.


I was always good at tests but I never believed in them. Now, some people are competition-minded. My nephew’s school has an amazing thing where he can look up his grades every day, for every test and every quiz. He’s in 6th grade in the Cambridge program (used to be called “gifted” but its’ administrated by Cambridge University as a set of standards schools in other countries can follow).

Anyway, he’s into it. He’s knows everything about his class schedule, still rants about being forced into gym when it was his required 4th choice (and didnt get his top three)… and has his 7th and 8th grade choices planned out.

So for him, he used the tools available and has completely gamified his education.

So for him, the grading works… for now. He doesn’t see the teachers as above him (that stopped in 2nd grade for him, cemented by 3rd grade, same timeframe as me), and enjoys learning what’s interesting and pushes through what’s boring, freely criticizing the stupidly worded questions they give him.

But that’s now. I fully expect some kind of full-on rebellion within a year or two.


Fair point. So, in other words, Lenin put the cart before the horse: it’s only AFTER a fully developed and productive system that needs are provided, each according to their ability, but not during the construction phase?


There’s no negative to pulling back and taking a systemic view before diving back in again. How you could possibly find that a negative, I do not know.



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