(summery) Scrollable Text Viewer for VAX/VMS

From:    HAMP::KUDUT        “Children’s Rights List Co-ordinator” 18-OCT-1991 12:48:49.42
To:    IN%”info-vax@sri.com”
Subj:    (summery) Scrollable Text Viewer for VAX/VMS

Summery of simple, scrollable VAX/VMS text viewers:

Hunter Goatley <goathunter@wkuvx1.bitnet>
pointed me to FLIST – “a TPU-based directory manager and file viewer.
It’s available by sending e-mail with the body SEND FLIST to
FILESERV@WKUVX1.BITNET”   and   CSWING, which is “much more directory
tree-orientated than FLIST is, but it features tons more options.”

Terry Poot <tp@mccall.com>
pointed me to MOST – “very much like the unix more, less, and/or pg programs”

pointed me to MOST, “which should be available at most DECUS tape sites”

Arne Vajhxj                             Internet: ISIS08@ECOSTAT.AAU.DK
Pointed me to MORE

Kees Bol – Landbouwuniversiteit, Afd. I&D” <Kees.Bol@RCL.WAU.NL>
Sent me Fortran Source code for LIST

Here’s my dilemna:  Our VAX Manager has removed all Compilers from this
System.  LINK still works, but that is all.  Apparently this is due to
the upgrade to 5.4-1, the new Micro-VAX, and possibly some new policy.

If someone could send me the .OBJ or the .EXE versions of any of the above,
I would appreciate it.  I have found MOST, CSWING, and FLIST, so far,
but they all are source code, either C or Fortran.  I am still searching
for MORE, but I should be able to find it, as soon as ARCHIE decides to
let me in :)

Thanks again, folks!

–Kenneth Udut
Co-ordinator of the “Children’s Rights List”
Beta Tester for Quantum Computer Services (PC-Link/America Online)
Beta Tester for Geoworks (makers of Ensemble)
Student at Hampshire College, Amherst, MA

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