Summary of my VESTIBULE as a master metaphor research from April 2021: #chatGPT identified 17 things associated with VESTIBULE that I’d brought up from different posts:

Summary of my VESTIBULE as a master metaphor research from April 2021: #chatGPT identified 17 things associated with VESTIBULE that I’d brought up from different posts:

Intermediary spaces / Transition zones:
The concept of intermediary or transition spaces, which serve as a bridge or link between different domains or contexts.

Buffers or buffer zones:
The role of buffers or buffer zones in mediating between different systems or processes, and in regulating or smoothing out transitions.

Doorways or threshold spaces:
The idea of doorways or threshold spaces as symbolic or functional boundaries that mark the passage from one place or state to another.

Mixing or blending spaces:
The concept of mixing or blending spaces as places where different elements or influences are brought together and combined.

Scaling or size differential spaces:
The idea of scaling or size differential spaces as areas where things can shift or transform in size or scale.

Uncertainty or vagueness tolerances:
The importance of uncertainty or vagueness tolerances in how we navigate and interpret transitional or intermediary spaces.

Time perception and measurement:
The role of time perception and measurement in mediating between different events or processes, and in shaping our experiences of transition.

Emotional stimuli:
The influence of emotional stimuli on our experiences of transition and in shaping our perception of time.

Computer logic and sequential events:
The use of computer logic and sequential events in organizing and managing transitions and intermediary spaces.

Free will and personal agency:
The concept of free will and personal agency in relation to navigating and shaping our experiences of transition.

Music and intervals:
The role of music and intervals in mediating between different sounds and in creating a sense of flow and progression.

Black box functions:
The function of black box functions as intermediary spaces between input and output.

Filtering and laminar flow:
The role of filtering and laminar flow in shaping and regulating transitions and intermediary spaces.

Chaos and mixing:
The importance of chaos and mixing in shaping and transforming transitional spaces.

Gradients and polar regions:
The concept of gradients and polar regions as ways of organizing and classifying intermediary

Binary elimination.:
The role of binary elimination in simplifying or reducing complexity in transitional spaces.



it gave other suggestions too, although there’s overlap

Boundaries or dividing lines
Interfaces or points of connection between different systems or entities
Decision-making or choice points
The human mind or cognitive processes
Communication or language
Memory or recall
Social dynamics or interpersonal relationships
Spatial orientation or navigation
Transitions or changes in state or phase
As a metaphor for life or the human experience
As a metaphor for time or the passage of time.


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