Suicidal Thinking: Switch from “If and only If” to “Maybe” and “Maybe Not”

On a philosophy forum, the topic of Suicide comes up as a potentially reasonable choice.  But, it’s not.  It’s faulty logic that is the problem; seeing things as “if and only if” rather than a “maybe” and a “maybe not”.

“If I am in pain.
If suicide removes pain.
If no other option can currently remove my pain.
Is it therefore reasonable to commit suicide to remove my pain?”

Kenneth Udut responds:
Such is the danger of solely reasoning through things. It is possible to utilize reason until you are stuck in a corner.

One has to go back through each, individual “if” and decide if it is an “If and ONLY IF” or if “if” is a synonym for “Maybe”.

Maybe I am in pain
Maybe suicide removes pain.
Maybe no other option can remove the pain.
Maybe suicide is reasonable to remove the pain.

This rephrasing breaks the walls down and gives hope because with “Maybe” you get “Maybe not” for free.

Maybe I am not in pain.
Maybe suicide does not remove pain
Maybe other options can remove the pain.
Maybe suicide is unreasonable to remove the pain.

Very logical thinkers who get caught up in their emotions can sometimes find themselves in this “logic trap” and it’s a dangerous place to find one’s self in. Such is the power of maybe: It removes the black and white and gives you some colors.

[of course, it goes without saying, SEEK HELP if you have a real problem right now.  No matter how smart you are, if you’re thinking suicide, your thinking has gotten too narrow and your emotions are controlling your logic and your logic cannot be trusted at this time.  Brain chemicals that control your emotions are spilling all over your logic circuits and turning everything black and white.  You cannot trust your own logic at this time.  Seek Help for another pair of eyes and another brain that can show you what you can’t see right now.  Suicidal thinking is temporary blindness, like staring into the sun for a few seconds too long.  It is fixable]

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