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<<MESSAGE from>> Charlie Rosenberg 27-AUG-92 15:04 crosenbe@tecnet Would you please post this to the y-rights list?

Could you suggest other places that would be appropriate to post it?

thanks, Charlie Rosenberg

Youthwire is an electronic bulletin board for employment and training practitioners! Youthwire is managed by the Center for Human Resources at Brandeis University, and is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration.

Your user’s guide provides a detailed, step by step introduction to the various features of the Youthwire bulletin board. This note is intended to provide a quick preview of the contents of the BBS.

The major features of the Youthwire BBS include:

* electronic mail (E-mail), to exchange messages with other users * personal file libraries, so you can send documents to and receive documents from others users (wordprocessing files, spreadsheets, etc.) * a public file library, to post files that any user can access * a resource database with descriptions of on organizations that provide information and technical assistance on a wide variety of youth and employment-related topics * topical “conferences” that provide open forums for news and information, questions, and discussions.

For many users, the “conferences” represent the core of the Youthwire bulletin board. Through the conferences users can check for the latest news from Washington, hear about funding opportunities, ask for advice or information, or share views on recent developments in the field.

Currently, Youthwire offers eight topical conferences. Each conference, in turn, is made up of one or more “items.” An item can be a simple notice or announcement (“Welcome to Youthwire” is an item), or a request or comment that forms the beginning of an ongoing discussion. Any user can write an item and post it on the bulletin board or respond to an item that someone else has posted. To see what items or notices are posted in a conference, use the “display list of items” command on the conference menu. That command will also show you how many responses there have been to each item in the conference.

The initial Youthwire conferences are:

GENERAL – General news and information about the bulletin board and material of general interest to the field. One of the features in “general” will be a regularly updated calendar of conference listing.

NATIONAL – National news and funding information. Among the features in national will be Washington updates from the National Association of Counties, DOL’s weekly legislative calendar, and copies of notices from the Commerce Business Daily and the Federal Register. The “national” conference is also one of the places where Youthwire users can discuss recent regulations, legislative developments, etc.

LOCAL – News from states and communities. The “local” conference is intended to provide an open forum where states and communities can announce and discuss locally-generated policies and programs. States and communities might use the “local” conference to announce new statewide initiatives, post notices of funding opportunities and procurements, or collect comments on proposed policies. Youthwire users can post notices/materials themselves, or send items of interest to Brandeis and we will post them for you.

YOUTH – A forum for discussing program models, best practices, questions and answers. This is one of the places where Youthwire users can share ideas about “what works” (and what doesn’t).

BASICS – Is a forum for discussing programs and issues related to basic skills, adult literacy, and assessment. Users may want to post questions about curriculum, exchange views and reviews on educational software, or share ideas on assessment practices.

SUPPORT – A forum on case management and counseling issues and practices. What kinds of case management strategies are Youthwire users trying to develop? How are employment-related programs linking to welfare, social services, education and others? How is counseling changing, and what kinds of strategies, tools, training, etc. appear helpful?

DIRECTORS – The Director’s Forum provides a forum for news and discussions of management and administration issues for state and local administrators. Staff training, program management, personnel and funding issues, etc.

LINE – A forum for line staff issues and ideas. This conference is intended to provide an open forum where counselors, instructors, crew leaders and others working directly with youth and adults can exchange ideas, identify problems, and share solutions.

Whether you are interested in one or several conferences, e-mail, the resource directory or the file libraries, this bulletin board is YOURS to make worthwhile and use. We (Brandeis) will regularly post news and information as we receive it. But we hope that every Youthwire user will become an active contributor, adding your own news, program descriptions, requests for information, or views on policies and practices. Please help us make Youthwire work.

We also look forward to your suggestions on how to make Youthwire more valuable to practitioners in the field.

Youthwire can be reached via the interenet or by modem. For a free account application, send your name and postal address to: or call (617) 736-3770.

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