Subject: Re: Student/Youth Socio-Political Organizations

Subject: Re: Student/Youth Socio-Political Organizations

Well, Shawn, here’s a start:

This list was started by a 19-year old, now going on 21. It is a socio-political organization of sorts, as its intention was, and is, to gather people together around a particular theme — the rights of kids and teens (and young adults, I might add).

I would have loved to have made the list on the rights of -all- people, but it is too broad, and should be the project of someone who is able to spend more time and energy keeping such a list in focus. As this list already has a focus, it isn’t a problem that I am a long-distance ‘owner’ of sorts, who can only catch the goings-on of the list about once a week.

I’ll look into the archives of the list for some political organizations. Many times a reader of the “Children’s Rights List” (as it seems to be called) will post the name, number, and leaders of some young political organizations.

If you send a message to LISTSERV@SJUVM.BITNET with the words

if I’m not mistaken, you will get a listing of all the files relating to this list. Every message posted to the list finds its way into a “Notebook”, which many people who can’t keep up with the daily traffic of the list, receive weekly as a “digest” of sorts. The digest goes back to December 1991 or so.

Good luck in your search, my friend, and I will do what I can do.

–Kenneth Udut

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