Subject: Most ergonomic/adjustable/comfortable computer cart/desk for under $300?

Q: Most ergonomic/adjustable/comfortable computer cart/desk for under $300? ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   2 Comments )

Subject: Most ergonomic/adjustable/comfortable computer cart/desk for under $300?
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Asked by: kudut-ga
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Posted: 10 May 2002 09:09 PDT
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What is the most ergonomic/adjustable computer cart/desk available for
under $300?  I've searched around and looked at hundreds of various
desks, carts, etc., and I know it's a very personal decision -- but
there has to be one that stands out above the rest as an affordable,
portable, comfortable-to-sit-at computer cart/desk that perhaps has
won awards, gets high praise from users, etc.  Thanks!

Subject: Re: Most ergonomic/adjustable/comfortable computer cart/desk for under $300?
Answered By: adiloren-ga on 15 May 2002 03:27 PDT
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The key to an ergonomical computer cart is its adjustability. The
following cart has the most adjustable options and has been endorsed
by doctors and universities (and a friend of mine). Here it is:
Healthy Back
Its not the best looking cart, but it will keep your back and neck
feeling great and your eyes from straining.

Here is some additional information on ergonomics in regards to
computer work stations from the University of California at Berkely:

Keyboard Working Height

"In order to keep the arms in a comfortable position, a lower than
normal work surface may be required."

VDT / Monitors

"To minimize the postural load on the muscles of the neck, the top of
the monitor should be approximately the operator's eye level when the
head is held up. If this is done when the head is at its natural
position, the eyes will fall naturally to the middle of the screen."

more on ergonomics

For the best ergonomic seating see Ergokomfort

Google Search Terms Used

ergonomic adjustable computer desks 

I hope this helps.
kudut-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars

Thank you for the answer, as well as the person who gave the comment!

I've been looking at that desk, with the adjustable monitor and
keyboard area,, returning to it again and again as a possibility,
before I asked the question.

It SEEMED like the perfect setup, but I wanted some confirmation
before I spent any money.

The only thing it lacks is a writing area, but that can be solved by a
small writing table or something like that.

I'm probably going to wait on getting the desk, but seeing that you
also picked that desk out confirmed my suspicions, which is definitely
worth the money.


Subject: Re: Most ergonomic/adjustable/comfortable computer cart/desk for under $300?
From: mother911-ga on 10 May 2002 13:17 PDT
I am not trying to circumvent the google payment system, i'm just
addicted to answering questions....soon though you will be forced to
pay as I hopefully will be approved as an answer guru.

Ergonomics are important in finding a comfortable work station, as are
other factors. Space, peripherals, spousal objections etc. I
personally use two 3x6 catering tables, but I own several computers
and run several racing/flight sims. you might prefer something of a
confined area space saver like this:

or this:

Perhaps you wish you had more room to stretch out, or some writing
surface, or just some room to rest an elbow like this one:

with more information I can give more details, or you could just do
what I did and search for ergonomic adjustable computer desks on

hope this helped,
Subject: Re: Most ergonomic/adjustable/comfortable computer cart/desk for under $300?
From: wholesalecubicles-ga on 10 Mar 2005 10:36 PST
Ergonomics can be pretty tricky.  A workstation that works for one
person might not be completely ergonomic for another.  When shopping
for a workstation, look for one that can be adjusted to fit your body.
 It is best for you to educate yourself on what constitutes an
ergonomic workstation rather than relying on companies selling a
product to tell you what is ergonomic or not.  I put an ergonomics
tutorial on my company's website not too long ago that should be very
helpful:  It is also
important to note that ergonomics is more than just a workstation. 
It's your posture, lighting, breaks and a lot more.



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