Subject: Looking to start up a group…

Date:         Thu, 2 Apr 1992 01:09:00 EDT

Reply-To:     "Y-Rights: Kid/Teen Rights Discussion Group"


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From:         "Y-Rights@SJUVM Listowner" <KUDUT@HAMP.HAMPSHIRE.EDU>

Subject:      Looking to start up a group...

Dear Y-Rights:

Does anyone have any information or background on starting up a discussion group? Not a discussion group as in E-Mail, but a real-life group. I’ve been away from the field of the rights of kids/teens for a couple of months now, in the pursuit of a job to get me back to college. Now that I have a job, I should soon have some finances to start up a group.

What I’d like to know is: what’s involved? I could probably have the group meet in a local church, or maybe even at home here in Jersey. But are there any legal complications? What kind of activities gets people motivated enough to show up and talk? Is it even worth the venture? How should I do this?

Thanks for any help you can give! I’ve thought up some answers to the previous questions, but I want to get some more opinions before I possibly screw-up bigtime.


Kenneth Udut @ 1:107/952 1:107/900 (fidonet)

(oh, and kudut@hampvms still works for Bitnet ppl)

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