Subject: List of Orthodox Mailing Lists (Long)

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Subject: List of Orthodox Mailing Lists (Long)

Date: 1999/01/11

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List of Eastern Orthodox Mailing Lists Version ‘keu’ 11-Jan-99 NS

Collection of electronic mailing lists which may be of
interest to Eastern Orthodox Christians.
The information was freely obtained, and is freely sent
forth for any usage. I will not be maintaining this list of lists
forever, so please correct/update/reorganize your own copies of
this list, and use as you see fit. keu [ku…]
LISTNAMES [Lists appear in no particular order]
orthodox 10questions atlanta-serbs church-affairs evang-ortho
fateful-affairs gospelthoughts greekorthodox iconostasis igoa
kosovo logos monastery oca-clergy oca-boyz orthodox-tradition
orthodoxy orthodoxhomechurchschool oldbelievers
orthodox-sermons orthodox-convert orthodox-ru praxis
prologue pravoslavlje redeemingthetime rocor rocaclergy
scripture saints-l stotsalumni st_andrew suryoyo-online ustav
orthodoxchristians orthpoem orthodox-members orthpop
orthodox_singles orthodoxia orthodoxy orthodox-forum
orthodox-theo oc.orthodox orthodox-synod orthoAOL
KEY     Includes:
a)      short description
b)      e-mail address of list
c)      longer description of list; general purpose and content
d)      subscription information
e)      listowner contact information
f)      www address of archives or to read on the web
a)      Orthodox Christianity
c)      Orthodox (Orthodox Christianity) is dedicated to the
thoughtful exchange of information regarding
Orthodox Christianity worldwide, especially its
impact upon and resurgence within Russia & her
d)      To subscribe, send email to
and in the body of the message, put
SUB ORTHODOX  Firstname Lastname
e)      alt.religion.christian.eas…@LISTSERV.INDIANA.EDU
a)      10questions group – 10 questions and about orthodox
b)      Announce-Only
c)      “10questions” is an email list with periodic messages
containing “Ten Questions and Answers” about important
aspects of Orthodox Christian Theology and practice, with
a special emphasis on biblical texts.
They are also available in a “Quiz” format at These topics have been
used in weekly (usually lively!) catechetical discussions
at St Nicholas, led by the author, Priest Seraphim
Holland, pastor of St Nicholas Orthodox Church, Dallas,
Texas, USA (sera…  New questions and
answers are posted reguarly.
d)      To subscribe, send an empty message to
To unsubscribe, send an empty message to
e)      10questi…
a)      atlanta-serbs Group – Orthodox Serbs in Atlanta
b)      atlant…
c)      This is an eGroup for use by Serbian Orthodox Christians
in the U.S. and abroad. By subscribing to this list, you
will automatically receive e-mails posted by Ss. Peter &
Paul Serbian Orthodox Church of Atlanta, regarding
various religious and political news topics. If you are
interested in putting your name on this list, please
respond to this introductory e-mail.
d)      To subscribe, send a message to
e)      atlanta-s…
a)      church-affairs group
b)      church-…
c)      In this E.mail group readers will be able to be in touch
with the Orthodoxy affairs among the world, especially in
the meddle east.  We deal with serious affairs, which
effects Mans salvation.  We discuss these affairs freely,
honestly.Our aim is to vanish out the darkness to raise
the rightness.
d)      To subscribe, send a message to
e)      church-aff…
a)      evang-ortho Group – Evangelical and Orthodox Christian
b)      evang…
c)      The Evang-Ortho forum is for the balanced discussion of
the Evangelical Protestant and Orthodox Christian
traditions and theology, comparing and contrasting the
two (“balanced” here means that neither side is the
official position of the list; e.g. this list is not
merely to explain Orthodoxy or Evangelicalism to
inquirers as is the case elsewhere).  This group is
ostensibly to pick up the slack where the old
evang… list left off to become the agape-rehab
list, oriented more toward organizing humanitarian
The baseline requirement for members is that they
affirm as a given for purposes of discussion the
Nicean-Constantinopolitan Creed (with or without the
filioque clause, but note that discussion of this clause
has been ruled to be outside the bounds of this list, as
it is mostly an issue between Orthodox and Roman
Catholics).  Interpretations of the Creed will vary, of
course (and would certainly be a good topic of
discussion), but participants should try to frame all
discussions with it in mind.
For the purposes of this list, “Orthodox”
includes both the Chalcedonian (Eastern) Orthodox and
Non-Chalcedonian (Oriental) Orthodox.  (It also includes
some of the jurisdictions not generally considered
canonical by the aforementioned two groups, such as those
called the “Evangelical Orthodox.”) Evangelicalism is a
good deal more doctrinally varied that Orthodoxy, so
“Evangelical Protestant” for the list’s purposes will be
defined by members holding to some interpretation of the
The list will be strictly monitored to discourage
and disallow personal attacks and discourtesy.
Additionally, political and jurisdictional infighting of
any sort (whether intra-Evangelical, intra-Orthodox, or
inter-Christian) will be strictly disallowed.  Close
monitoring will also be done to ensure that discussion
remains on-topic; although anyone may join the list, only
Orthodoxy and Evangelicalism as they relate to each other
may be discussed.  It is not that Roman Catholicism or
other sorts of Christianity should not be discussed, but
that there are other forums more appropriate for that
sort of thing.  It is most appropriate to discuss from
the viewpoint of explaining and honestly trying to live
one’s own faith, so while anyone is allowed to join
Evang-Ortho, the list will be most beneficial to those
who are either Evangelicals or Orthodox or are sincerely
seeking to follow one of those two paths.
The tolerance which both sides will exercise
towards one another does not, of course, imply
relativism.  We are honest seekers of Truth here, and
thus we will conduct ourselves in the love of our Lord
Jesus Christ as we earnestly contend for the faith.
All posters must also limit themselves to three
posts per day, or else they will get put on moderated
mode until such time as they return to the proper limit.
The only exception to this rule is when the moderator
needs to make moderatorial comments to the list aside
from his normal participation in the conversation. Also,
if a member has a question about the administration of
the list or subscription matters, he may contact the
moderator at evang-or…  If it’s a
question more along the lines of “Does anybody know…?”
that could not be answered by email to the moderator
alone, then it is acceptable to exceed the three-per-day
limit.  So as to make effective use of your three posts
per day, it is suggested that you combine all your
comments on a particular subject into one post, replying
to various posters therein.
All participants should also limit the amount of
material that they quote when replying to messages.  The
majority of posts should be new material.  Quoting an
entire post and then adding one or two lines of comment
is not acceptable. If all you want to add is “Amen!” or
“Good post!” it is far better to send a private reply
off-list.  Also, sending non-text attachments and/or
binaries is strongly discouraged.  Many people pay for
their connections by the byte, and so this is simply
pretty standard “Netiquette.”
All new subscribers (especially those who intend
to post) are encouraged to send a message to the list
introducing themselves, though this is not required.
The list is not a democracy, and it’s basically
run from the ground up at the discretion of the
moderator, who will not hesitate to use what discipline
he sees fit in order to keep the list orderly, friendly,
and worthy of the name “Christian.” Even though the list
is not run by taking votes, moderation will be done
taking into consideration the desires of members, and the
moderator will occasionally run a poll to see what
everyone thinks about something. Basically, Evang-Ortho
is a sort of (hopefully benevolent) monarchy where you
don’t have to pay tribute, you can leave any time you
like, there is no privileged ruling class, and you can
mostly do what you want within certain previously agreed
upon limits.
d)      To subscribe, send a message to
evang-orth… or go to this
e-group’s web page at:

e)      evang-or…
a)      fateful-affairs Group
b)      fateful…
c)      In this E.mail group readers will be able to be in touch
with the Orthodoxy affairs among the world, especially in
the meddle east.  We deal with serious affairs, which
effects Mans salvation.  We discuss these affairs freely,
honestly.Our aim is to vanish out the darkness to raise
the rightness.
d)      To subscribe, send a message to
e)      fateful-af…
a)      gospelthoughts Group – Thoughts on the Sunday Gospels
b)      Announce-Only
c)      “gospelthoughts” are Orthodox Christian homilies about
mostly the Sunday Gospel readings, sent out “almost”
weekly. Most are from St Nicholas Orthodox Church, Dallas
Texas, and are available at Other edifying sermons
about the Gospels may also be included.
d)      To subscribe, send an empty message to
To unsubscribe, send a message to
e)      gospelthou…
a)      greekorthodox Group – Greeek Orthodox Christians
b)      greeko…
c)      Contempory discussions about the daily journeys of
Orthodox Christians.
d)      To subscribe, send a message to
e)      greekorth…
a)      iconostasis Group – Orthodox Study of Icons and
b)      icono…
c)      We are specifically interested in discussions and studies
of icons, iconography, and the iconostasis (icon screen)
in the Orthodox Church — of all traditions, including
but not limited to those seen in the West, those seen in
Africa, the Middle East, Greece and Russia…  We are
interested in all items pertaining to this subject,
theological, academic, books, analysis, and reviews of
books and analysis.  Bear in mind that this is an open
discussion list, much like any parish hall, schoolroom,
or public coffee shop, and children, faithful, and non
Orthodox may be recipients and participants of the
discussion, and we should comport ourselves politely and
One important note:  Please do not send attached
files to the list — as jpg files sometimes can mess up
personal computers — please post them on your web site
so we can look as we are able.  Of course graphics are
very important, but please also use language to describe
the icons and iconostasis configuration, and do cite the
full title of a book or pattern book, and note where in
the world it can be purchased, borrowed, or viewed.
This list will be open as long as possible.
Please do not worry if participation ebbs and flows —
this is a meeting place for sharing, learning, and
teaching — but we recognize that this is from time to
time a very obscure interest.  If you find something in a
newsgroup or on another list — please summarize it and
refer to the archive resource where someone can look it
up.  Posting forwarded items is risky, as some of the
newsgroups and discussion lists are a bit more
contentious than a mother would allow her kids to view or
participate in.  This is a learning forum for them, as
well as our own special devotion and interest, whether
spiritual, cultural, artistic, vocational, or academic.
You need not be subscribed to post, you need not
be subscribed to read from the web.  But members only may
post — and this restriction is so that all posters at
least know and are aware of our special care and
consideration of young and more genteel folk who may
inhabit this quiet list.
In Christ,
d)      To subscribe, send an empty message to
To unsubscribe, send a message to
e)      iconosta…
a)      igoa Group – The Italo-Greek Orthodox Church
b)      ig…
c)      This List is intended to provide our friends, supporters,
benefactors and other interested individuals with
information and news pertaining to the Italo-Greek
Orthodox Church and our on-going efforts to reorganize
and revitalize this particular local Orthodox Church.
General news and information, as well as topics
pertaining to a liturgical, spiritual, administrative and
cultural nature, will be posted regularly on the List.
d)      To subscribe, send an empty message to
To unsubscribe, send a message to
e)      igoa-…
a)      kosovo Group – Kosovo Highlights
b)      kos…
c)      Kosovo Highlights List of the Orthodox Diocese of Raska
and Prizren provides important information about the
latest developments of the Kosovo crisis from the point
of view of the Serbian Orthodox Church as well as other
related information of interest.
d)      To subscribe, send an empty message to
e)      kosovo…
a)      logos Group – Logos Orthodox List
b)      lo…
c)      This list is a forum of discussions and information about
the Eastern Orthodox Church. Everyone interested is
invited to join in.
d)      To subscribe, send an empty message to
To unsubscribe, send a message to
e)      logos…
a)      monastery Group – monastery without walls
b)      mona…
c)      The Monastery Without Walls provides discussion and
direction for those wishing to follow a Orthodox
Christian rule of life in today’s secular world.  Prayer
requests are received  for those in need. Spiritual
direction and inspiration.  And sometimes a joke just to
make you laugh. Questions answered and information
provided. Operated by the monastic brotherhood of St.
Anthony’s Orthodox Monastery. God works quietly.  So we
are listening to the silence.
d)      To subscribe, send an empty message to
To unsubscribe, send a message to
e)      monaste…
a)      oca-clergy Group – Clergy of the Orthodox Church in America
b)      oca-c… (Members Only)
c)      This list is a discussion forum for clergy of the
Orthodox Church in America.  This list is NOT an official
voice/department of the OCA, nor is it administered by
any department of the OCA.  This list is not open to the
general public.
All suggestions and comments should be directed
to the list manager.
d)      To subscribe, send an empty message to
To unsubscribe, send a message to
e)      “Deacon Thomas Soroka” <tso…>
a)      oca-boyz Group – Humorous List for OCA Clergy
b)      oca-… (Members Only)
c)      This list is for more personal and/or humorous discussion
which might emanate from other OCA clergy lists.
Membership is limited to clergy of the Orthodox Church in
America.  It is not an official list of the Orthodox
Church in America.  You must have a demonstrable,
verifiable sense of humor to join.
d)      To subscribe, send an empty message to
e)      oca-boy…
a)      orthodox-tradition Group – Orthodox Christian
b)      orthodox-…
c)      The purpose of this list is to allow the free exchange of
ideas and opinions between Orthodox Christians who
consider themselves to be traditionalists. We are
Orthodox Christians who have made a stand against
modernism, false ecumenism, and innovation, and wish to
hold onto, and pass to the next generation, the Faith of
our Fathers intact and uncorrupted. Traditional Orthodox
Christians are invited to join regardless of which
jurisdiction they belong to.  While the list is intended
for this audience, all are welcome to join. If you join
please send an introduction to the list as soon as you
feel comfortable so we can all get to know you. If you
have any questions please feel free to contact me at
d)      To subscribe, send e-mail to
e)      orthodox-tra…
a)      orthodoxy Group – Orthodox Christianity
b)      orth…
c)      A forum intented for open discussion on Orthodox
Christianity.Information exchange and questions are the
principle focus.  Not intended as a chat group. All
Orthodox jurisdictions are welcomed. Restrictions on
participation are based on decent conduct.  Posters may
be moderated for profane language, personal attacks, and
threatening behaviour. The intent is to be as open as
possible on the content of the message.
d)      To subscribe, send empty e-mail to
e)      orthodo…
a)      orthodoxhomechurchschool Group – The Orthodox Home Church
b)      orthodoxhome…
c)      Public school efforts, though excellent and very
resourceful, do not always provide support or enrichment
to teach the children their faith.  As parents,
grandparents, church school teachers and pastors, we are
trying to support one another in either enriching the
public school education system with Christian teachings,
or entirely homeschool our young children.  This list is
hoped to be a resource for church school, home school,
and family and friends, to support one another and share
ideas, hopes and practical tips and experiences to make
these holy efforts successful.  The foundation of faith
is Orthodox Christian — of the first seven ecumenical
Posters need not be members of this list — but
we ask that topics stay on the subject of home school and
church school, for the education of Orthodox Christian
children.  Discussion should contribute to applying
learning technologies, traditions, and resources, towards
that goal. Helpful anecdotes and encouragements are also
May God bless your efforts and please help us
help one another raise Christians in the way.
In Christ,
d)      To subscribe, send empty e-mail to:
e)      orthodoxhomechu…
a)      oldbelievers Group – Old Believers (Russian Orthodox)
b)      oldbel…
c)      This forum was formed to bring those interested in the
Russian Orthodox Church and Old Believers to discuss
common interests and encourage study and discussion of
past and current events and history, theology, society,
trends and traditions of Old Believers of the Russian
Orthodox Church.  As such, there may be both scholarly
interests and personal interests represented in the
d)      To subscribe, send a message to
oldbeliever… or go to this
e-group’s home page at

e)      oldbeliev…
a)      orthodox-sermons Group – Orthodox Sermons
b)      Announce-Only
d)      To subscribe, send a message to
e)      orthodox-se…
a)      orthodox-convert Group – Orthodox Convert Mailing List
b)      orthodox…
c)      The Orthodox-Converts Mailing List is for discussion
between people who have converted to Orthodox
Christianity or are interested in Orthodoxy. Cradle
Orthodox and Clergy are invited to join to offer advice
to those members who are young in the faith.
d)      To subscribe, send a message to
orthodox-conv… or go to this
e-group’s home page at

e)      orthodox-co…
a)      orthodox-ru Group – Russian Orthodox Conference
b)      ortho…
c)      Russian Orthodox discussion group in Russian

a… ICQ # 24151224.
�Esli vi ne mozhete prochest’ soobsheniya v russkoi’
kodirovke, soobshite ob etom po adresu: a…
d)      To subscribe, send e-mail to:
e)      orthodox…
a)      praxis Group – Ortho-Praxis (Practical Orthodox tips)
b)      pra…
c)      PRAXIS is an electronic forum whose purpose is to share
practical and pragmatic advice, ‘tips and tricks’ if you
will, on what has been referred to as “Orthopraxis”.
Tips on handling incense, on Saints to invoke for various
problems, on setting up an Icon corner, information on
various customs, on fasting and feasting, are just some
examples of what may be shared here.  You may post
information gathered from Web sites, from books,
pamphlets, life experience, your spiritual father,
e-mail, newsgroups, Scripture, etc. and please attempt to
mention the source and obtain permission before sending
here.  We will do no  checking of sources and gaining
permission for you, so do be careful and respectful. The
Eastern Orthodox Church, in her wisdom, has  roduced many
wonderful customs, and the resourcefulness of her members
over the past 2,000 years is quite astounding at times.
PLEASE NOTE: This is *not* in any way, shape or
form a replacement for the guidance of your spiritual
father/spiritual mother, Bishop, priest, confessor.  This
is *not* a way for anyone to avoid talking with those who
are your elders, and it is not a replacement for
attending  ervices, a pilgrimmage to a monastery or other
holy place, or reading the wise advice of the Saints and
Godly people of the past, such as Saint Theophan the
Recluse or others.  This digest is for sharing of Eastern
Orthodox Christians living in the world, and any advice
contained within that you decide to use must be tempered
with common sense and the blessing of your priest. The
listowner is not a priest, and is in no position to give
advice on Orthodoxy, Orthopraxis or any such thing.
Caveat Emptor.
d)      To subscribe, send an empty message to
To unsubscribe, send a message to
e)      praxis…
a)      prologue Group – Prologue from Ochrid Daily Readings
b)      Announce-Only
c)      This list is provided for those who wish to receive the
daily readings for the Orthodox Saints of the Day from
the Prologue From Ochrid by Bishop Nikolai
(Velimirovich). The readings are according to the Julian
d)      To subscribe, send e-mail to
e)      prologu…
a)      pravoslavlje Group – St. Elijah Serbian Orthodox
b)      pravos…
c)      Glory to Jesus Christ! This group has been created to
educate people in the Orthodox Faith and to inform them
about the situations in Orthodox Lands.  Thank you for
joining our group!
Yours in Christ,
Nikolaj Kostur
d)      To subscribe, send a message to
or go to this e-group’s home page at

e)      pravoslav…
a)      redeemingthetime Group – Redeeming the Time
b)      Announce-Only
c)      “redeemingthetime” is the email version of “Redeeming the
Time” an almost weekly “spiritual journal”, published in
booklet form, via email, and on the web
(, from St Nicholas
Orthodox Church, Dallas, TX, USA.
It concentrates on the current Sunday, and the upcoming
week, with:
+ Catechetical material used in classes at St Nicholas
+ Lives of saints
+ Homilies and sayings of the Fathers
+ Explanations of various things
+ Commentary about scripture readings
+ Local news and upcoming events at St Nicholas
+ Other news of interest to Orthodox Christians and
especially those in the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad.
d)      To subscribe, send an empty message to
To unsubscribe, send a message to
e)      redeemingth… (Fr Seraphim Holland)
a)      rocor Group – Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia
b)      ro… (Members Only)
c)      This list is a forum for news and discussion among the
members of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.
Messages may be submitted and accessed only by members of
the list. Subscriptions to the list are subject to
approval.  All posted messages will be sent directly to
the members of the list, without prior review. Therefore
we encourage those who participate to post only those
messages that they would like read by the whole group.
Please send personal or private messages using an
alternate medium.
d)      To subscribe, e-mail to: rocor-s…
e)      rocor…
a)      rocaclergy Group – Russian Orthodox Church Abroad Clergy
b)      rocac… (Members Only)
c)      “rocaclergy” is a mailing list open only to clergy in the
Russian Orthodox Church Abroad. Clergy may post concerns,
questions, comments, etc in a private environment. All
clergy who join must agree to not forward any posts to
other mailing lists or others who are not clergy in ROCA.
Our clergy speak with proficiency many languages,
including Russian, English, German and French, and any
communication in one language is certain to not be
understood by all. Clergy may post in any language,
however, the majority of clergy on the list at least
understand English, so it will be the dominant language
d)      To subscribe, send a message to
e)      Group Moderator: rocacler… (Priest
Seraphim Holland, St Nicholas Orthodox Church, Dallas
Texas, USA (  Fr Seraphim speaks
only English.)
a)      scripture Group – Daily Orthodox Scripture Readings
b)      Announce Only
c)      This list is for the distribution of Daily Orthodox
Scripture Readings, according to the Julian Calendar and
the Menaion of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of
d)      To subscribe, send blank e-mail to:
e)      scriptu…
a)      saints-l Group – Eastern Orthodox Saints
b)      sain…
c)      SAINTS-L is a mailing list for posting and discussing
information about Eastern Orthodox Christian Saints.
These include Saints of the Christian East as well as
pre-Schism Saints of the Christian West. Hagiographies
are most especially welcome, as are Troparion, Kontakion,
tidbits from Patrikons, personal experiences with
intercessions of the Saints, etc. Also, holy people not
yet glorified officially by the Church are welcome to be
talked about, biographical information, etc. (such as the
Holy Elders on Mt Athos, or other modern-era monastics,
holy Bishops, etc). Glory to the Triune God in all His
d)      To subscribe, send an empty message to
To unsubscribe, send a
message to saints-l-u…
e)      saints-…
a)      stotsalumni Group – STOTS Alumni
b)      stots… (Members Only)
c)      This list is open to Alumni of St. Tikhon’s Orthodox
Theological Seminary only.  Alumni status is determined
by the Seminary.
d)      To subscribe, send a message to
stotsalumn… or go to this e-group’s
home page at
e)      stotsalu…
a)      st_andrew Group – St. Andrew Discussion List
b)      st_a…
c)      A forum for discussion for St. Andrew Antiochian Orthodox
Church, Lexington KY.  Everyone is invited to join,
especially members of the parish.
d)      To subscribe, send a message to
or go to this e-group’s home page at

Also, visit St.Andrew’s website at:

e)      Group Moderator: st_andr…
a)      suryoyo-online Group – Suryoyo Online Mailing List
b)      suryoyo…
c)      Suryoyo Online Mailing List is for Syriac Studies and
about Syrian Orthodox Church
d)      To subscribe, send a message to
suryoyo-onli… or go to this
e-group’s home page at

e)      suryoyo-on…
a)      ustav Group – Orthodox Typicon and Liturgical Music  d
b)      us…
c)      “Ustav” facilitates email discussion, questions,
commentary and teaching concerning the traditional
Orthodox Christian typicon and music. The Russian word
“ustav” means typicon, and indicates that our discussion
will be slanted towards the Russian Orthodox typicon and
music, as practiced in the Russian Orthodox Church
Outside of Russia (, but all other
traditional usages may also be discussed.
ROCOR uses the church calendar (the so called
“Julian”, or “Old” calendar), and discussion will
generally be assumed to be involving this calendar.
Those who follow the “New Calendar” or are not
Orthodox Christians are welcome to participate, but this
list is not intended to be a debate forum to argue about
calendars, as, for traditional Orthodox, this issue is
closed. Other usages from non Orthodox should not be
presented, except for occasional comparison purposes.
In general, this list is for traditional Orthodox
Christians who love the church and it’s typicon, and want
to learn more about it, and help others to learn about
it, or anyone who wishes to learn about the  beauty and
theological profundity of Orthodox Christian worship and
The most comon and preferred language,
understandable to the vast majority, will be English.
Other languages may be used, especially Russian. Group
d)      To subscribe, send a message to
ustav-s… or go to this e-group’s home
page at
e)      Moderator: ustav… (Priest Seraphim
Holland, St Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church, Dallas, TX )
a)      orthodoxchristians Group – Orthodox Christians
b)      orthodoxc…
c)      Faith & Love of Orthodox Christians
d)      To subscribe, send a message to
orthodoxchrist… or go to this
e-group’s home page at

e)      orthodoxchri…
a)      orthpoem Group – Original Poetry of Orthodox Christians
b)      orth…
c)      A place for Orthodox Christians to sendtheir original
poetry.  It can be of any form.  This is not a discussion
d)      To subscribe, send a message to
or go to this e-group’s home page at

e)      orthpoe…
a)      orthodox-members Group – Orthodox Christians
b)      orthodox…
c)      Orthodox Christian missions and activities worldwide
d)      To subscribe, send a message to
orthodox-memb… or go to this
e-group’s home page at

e)      orthodox-me…
a)      orthpop Group – Orth interpretation of popular culture
c)      Discussion list for an Orthodox interpretation of popular
culture.  This is not so much for a debasing of popular
culture, as worldly as it is, but rather, to find what is
potentially redeemable  (in popular music, literature,
television, movies, etc) and magnifying such things when
d)      To subscribe, send a message to
or go to the e-group’s home page at

e)      orthpo…
a)      orthodox_singles Group – Orthodox Singles
b)      orthodox…
c)      Open discussion list for Orthodox Christian Singles
d)      To subscribe, send a message to
orthodox_sing… or go to the
e-group’s home page at

e)      orthodox_si…
a)      Orthodoxia – discussion list on Orthodoxy based in Greece
b)      ortho…
c)      ORTHODOXIA is a discussion list about the Orthodox Christian
Faith, as defined in the original Nicene Creed, in the first
Seven Ecumenical Councils, the 9th Century Council of St.
Photius and the 14th Century Hesychast Councils and as expressed
in the life and worship of Orthodox Christians. We appreciate
participation, passively or actively, by all those who have a
genuine love for Orthodoxy.
The main language of the list is English but posts in
Greek are also appreciated.
We ask that you follow the basic rules of netiquette. No
“flaming,” deliberate insults, blasphemy etc. This tries to be a
forgiving list – but we do have a “three strikes and you’re in
the cooler” rule. Although we are all sinners we are trying to
become saints. Let us remember that. Please make sure your real
name appears on your subscription as aliases are not allowed,
nor are organizational names allowed w/o a specific responsible
human being listed.
d)      To subscribe send a message to
the body of the message should say:
sub orthodoxia your name
e)      Marina Robb <mari…>
f) [listowners www site]
a)      Orthodoxy
b)      orth…
c)      Open list on Orthodoxy
d)      Just sign on to the Orthodoxy list by sending email to
orthodox…  You can put anything you like
in the Subject: line (the list server will ignore it).  To find
out what the list is about, put the word “info” as the first
thing in your message.  To subscribe, put the word “subsingle”
to get individual messages, or “subscribe” to get a daily
e)      Catherine Hampton <…>
a)      Orthodox Forum
b)      orthodo…
c)      General Orthodox list
a)      orthodox-theo
b)      orthod…
c)      General Orthodox list
e)      Nick Cobb
a)      oc.orthodox
b)      oc.or…
c)      General Orthodox list (FIDONET – this is Internet gate)
e)      Steve Hayes
a)      Orthodox Synod
b)      orthodo…
c)      Discussion for those in the Synod (Russian Orthodox
Church Outside Russia/Russian Orthodox Church Abroad)
and others.
d)      To subscribe, e-mail
Subject: Subscribe
e)      Father Mark Gilstrap
a)      OrthoAOL
b)      orth…
c)      General information distribution for Orthodoxy

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