Subj: Y-Rights

From:    HAMP::KUDUT        “Children’s Rights List Co-ordinator” 26-SEP-1991 20:48:48.11
To:    IN%”drz@sjuvm.bitnet”
Subj:    Y-Rights

Some Questions:

1) Is there a Generic LISTSERV Form that I can modify to suit my list?
(I’ve seen the format floating around for a while)

2) Is SJUVM hooked up to the Internet?  (is it SJUVM.STJOHNS.EDU?)

If it’s hooked up to the internet, then I can log on with no problem.
Also, if you don’t know of any generic Listerv form, then I will
write one up.  I won’t be as terribly specific as I was with the other
form.    Some people don’t deserve a voice, even if it’s “academically”
discussed”.  So, I think I will leave that out.
I will just request a little background on the new subscriber to be
sent to the list, and mention all of the functions that are available
(including getting Log files of past weeks/months/etc.)

If you are able to spare a few minutes when you get this, could you
SEND a message to KUDUT@Hampvms.Bitnet?  So that we can get these last
few things in order?

Thank You.


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