Subj: What is Time? 90-01-09 19:57:34 EST

Subj:  What is Time?                         90-01-09 19:57:34 EST
From:  Steppnwolf                            Msgs:  28 (90-01-11)

Here’s another one of those Mind-Bending Postings from Steppnwolf!
Again, sometime in this folder, I might try to give you my feelings
and ideas on the topic.  But, primarily, I’m here to listen, and to
save.  After the replies stop, I’ll ZIP the replies and Upload them
to anyone who’s interested….
Have Fun!!!

/~\  __  __
\    \/  \/
–== \_/teppn\/\/olf ==–  Male, 17 Years Old

Subj:  Physical Quantity                     90-01-09 20:12:46 EST
From:  Kip

Time is a physical quantity that can be measured in the same sense
that length can be measured.  Both measurements depend on the relative
speed of the observer, v.  In our everyday world v is much less than
c, the speed of light in a vacuum, and this relative dependence goes
unobserved.  Time and length (or space) are also relative to the
observer from a interpretative point of view, i.e. an hour is a long
time to a creature that lives only for a minute just as a meter stick
is long relative to an ant.

Subj:  TIME                                  90-01-09 20:29:10 EST
From:  GuyMar

If there wasn’t time everything would happen all at once!

Subj:  Try this one on for size              90-01-09 20:54:16 EST
From:  Paula Z

All time happens at the same time, as a spiral.
As the spiral of the embilical cord which connects the mother/child
The spiral of the Universe.
Many people who have experienced life after death have the experience
of a knowing, a flash, of all time, all things happening at the same
time on diffent levels, connected and of the same.
Dreams are a major part of the time spiral, considering that all
things happen at the same time we, our dreams are influenced by many
different aspects.. often coming from the sub consious mind which is
in connection with all.

Subj:  To Kip – Say Again, Huh?              90-01-09 21:12:30 EST

Thank you for participating. I haven’t seen your Screen Name around
here recently (ever before?). That was a heavy response to the
question posed by Steppnwolf. Serves him right!?

Subj:  To WEE MOUSIE-Heavy Responses         90-01-09 21:20:45 EST
From:  GuyMar

Mousie, I’m surprised that you don’t have more to say on the subject.
I’m impressed with your comments on so many other topics (really).

Subj:  Reality                               90-01-09 21:27:56 EST
From:  KATO 13

Time and space are illusions of the physical universe and can easily
be trancended. Yes, they are real but only from the perspective of
those who inhabit the physical world. There are more refined and
subtle planes of existance where the inhabitants thereof consider
themselves the basis for “reality”. As you can see, reality depends on
“where” you are in terms of the ultimate reality, namely GOD.

Subj:  To KATO-Reality                       90-01-09 21:41:51 EST
From:  GuyMar

Reality depends on what one believes.  Therefore, if you believe we
are created in HIS image, we are God!

Subj:  Time Travel                           90-01-09 21:43:09 EST
From:  Paula Z

Ultimate Reality , a flash in the eye, a star in the sky, what ever it
is to anyone at any certain time. To enlarge upon one’s own experience
is to time travel. Ultimate Reality is one’s proxcimaty to God.
As the Universe, at least this one is to the Sun.

Subj:  What reality is                       90-01-09 21:49:28 EST
From:  Kip

In order to avoid the common “agrument of definition” I use the term
reality to mean that which can be observed and measured to an
arbitrary degree of accuracy.  I am not saying that nothing else
exists, only that its existence is speculative.  We are indeed limited
by our senses and some forms of reality (for example the quantum
domain or the relativistic domain) can only be described using
mathematics since a physical interpretation makes no sense to our
limited ability to observe the universe.  To say that reality (as I
have defined it) is all that exists is as illogical as saying that it
is not since extrareality is not observable or measureable.

Subj:  Kip                                   90-01-09 22:07:57 EST
From:  KATO 13

My viewpoint of reality is based on senses which most people have
allowed to atrophy. When one moves into the Astral or higher planes
reality takes on a whole different perspective! From these planes the
whole matrix of our planet and nearby heavenly bodies is radically
different and many unseen forces are made obvious.

Subj:  KATO 13                               90-01-09 22:27:30 EST
From:  Kip

I’ll buy that.

Subj:  To Kip — Definition of Reality       90-01-09 22:33:43 EST

Oh, such disappointment! After the incredibly detailed and accurate
definiton of reality that you presented, carefully leaving all of
these new Age metaphysical pronouncements in the “purely speculative”
category… you then dash my hopes for you by giving in with a casual
“I’ll buy that”.

Subj:  Explanation                           90-01-09 22:37:51 EST
From:  Kip

If what KATO 13 said is true then some aspects of metaphysics are
observable and measureable.  These aspects therefore are included in
my definition of reality.  It is true then that they would be aspects
of physics since physics is the study of nature, and nature is all
that exists.  The supernatural is just the natural that hasn’t been
explained yet (or ever).  The explanation may be far too complicated
for humans to grasp.

Subj:  Physical Quantity-kip                 90-01-09 22:43:18 EST
From:  HowardJ6

Time is a physical quantity?  I suppose that this means that “you” are
able to measure time.  Time defies definition, what does that say for

Subj:  HowardJ6                              90-01-09 22:52:01 EST
From:  Kip

Time is measured with a clock for example, just as length is measured
with a ruler.  You can not separate the analogies.  Time is as much a
fundamental physical quantity as space (length).  It is true, however,
that its rate of flow is a function of other variables.

Subj:  Kip RE:Explanation                    90-01-09 23:13:23 EST
From:  GuyMar

Your explanation to WEE MOUSIE is excellent and I heartily agree!!

Subj:  Haven’t enought time                  90-01-09 23:39:24 EST
From:  Paula Z

Kip I must be honest and frank, I pass gas at the same time and
thought, as I pass over your files. Get real and down to earth ok. I
mean come on, just because we are into computers isn’t a sign we have
a physics masters. Notice the lower case.
Wee One you have a right as any to sound off, as I am obviously doing
Come on Ya’ll ( with southern accent ) let’s keep it simple!
Let’s talk colour, what do you get when you add blue and red together?

Subj:  To: Kip-RE:Paula Z                    90-01-09 23:59:09 EST
From:  GuyMar

Paula Z is just being a typical (if there is one) New Ager, i.e.,
sailing her own boat with the Universal wind at her back.  Don’t get
me wrong, I’m not apologizing for her, I’m just finding the good in
her message.  Whereas, many others may not.  My goal is to be less
judgemental.  No one has to be right, except for themselves.

Subj:  To PaulaZ                             90-01-10 00:00:24 EST
From:  Kip

Complex subjects often require complex arguments.  But you are right,
as my wife often tells me, I do get carried away.  She has told me
“You don’t walk across the room… You propagate in an expanding wave
packet in free space.  Now stop it!”

I promise to try to stop propagating.

Subj:  To: Paula Z-RE:Enough Time            90-01-10 00:05:18 EST
From:  GuyMar

The colour purple?

Subj:  You get Purple                        90-01-10 00:05:23 EST
From:  Paula Z

It’s been brought to my attention, that I’ve been judgemental to Kip.
Now that this has been brought so fourth, so be it, it is truth.
I’m just one of those who lack the concentration to keep up, and
desire to do so. What I want to say is….. keep it simple, for us not
so simple folk. Whatever, and however you might find to be a way of
expression, consider mine a vibration and reverberation of yours.
Kip, it just seemed so wordy.. just say what you mean, and if that’s
the only way you can say it, well…. I’ll get out my dictionary and
take a bit more time. Say what you mean and mean what you say is what
my daddy use to say.            Love/Peace and Dove

Subj:  Purple = Passion                      90-01-10 00:17:00 EST
From:  Paula Z

As in what brings people together.
My husband elaborates so………….. oh
Guess it’s second nature to me to be me ;)

Subj:  Keep Propagating                      90-01-10 01:40:17 EST
From:  Vago Bill

The comments in this folder are the most stimulating I’ve read on this
board.  I don’t consider myself much of a deep thinker, but I greatly
appreciate what is being shared here.

Subj:  Steppnwolf – Reality                  90-01-10 20:20:51 EST
From:  Reality1

See what you started!  But just put in the back of your mind as you
browse through all these comments the following thought:

“He who knows nothing tells all.  And he who knows ALL tells nothing.”

Just turn in thought to That which is being you — and you will find
much enlightenment.  Saludos from San Antonio!

Subj:  Time                                  90-01-10 21:59:16 EST
From:  Master MC

Time-another definition from Master………Time…..A way to organize
things………And yet another
definition……Time……Now,then,tommorow………And another…….

Subj:  Time Space Illusion                   90-01-11 00:08:57 EST
From:  KATO 13

HE who knows and IS all will tell all if one is but to ask and be
ready to be responsible for what he knows. All you need is the ability
to listen in silence and heed the silence,for in silence is power,in
love is liberation.

Subj:  To: Kato 13 Time Space Illusion       90-01-11 20:14:22 EST
From:  Reality1

HE who knows and IS ALL can tell nothing, for there is no one to tell
it to!  One might well ask the question, “How ALL is your ALL?  Time
and space do not exist, except as a part of the perceived holographic
universe.  Ever seen a hologram?  If not, the Grolier’s Encyclopedia
gives some excellent definitions.  There are many today who now know
that Consciousness is the one and only reality.  All else is a part of
the Time/Space continuum that we PERCEIVE as reality, although it is
illusion only, which I’m sure is why you used the heading “Time Space

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