Subj: war apparently has started

From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 16-JAN-1991 17:57:49.21
Subj:   war apparently has started
ABC reported at 1735 that Baghdad was under attack, and was firing at
unseen  targets. No confirmation from the US side on the subject of war.
More as it becomes known. VMS
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 16-JAN-1991 18:00:13.45
Subj:   war bulletin #2
Apparently, AP has reported that the air force has reported an attack has
begun from Saudi Arabia. An Air Force source there has allegedly also
confirmed this to ABC. VMS
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 16-JAN-1991 18:06:34.79
Subj:   war bulletin #3
NBC is reporting the attack as a Tomahawk missle attack accompanied by a
F-15E attack from Saudi Arabia. CBS is reporting the attack is "several
hours old." Announcement from the White House soon, within minutes. AP
confirming that fighter-bombers are attacking Baghdad. VMS
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 16-JAN-1991 18:09:57.95
Subj:   Operation Desert Storm
Bush is to meet with the press at 2000 CST, Operation Desert Storm has
begun. "the liberation of Kuwait has begun" Marvin Fitzwater. CBS is
reporting attacks are in both Kuwait and Iraq. VMS
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 16-JAN-1991 18:11:02.61
Subj:   War Bulletin #4
The attack begam at 1650 EST, CBS reports. VMS
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 16-JAN-1991 18:20:40.93
Subj:   War Bulletin #5
NBC is reporting that Cruise missles were fired to soften up Baghdad. Gary
Sick discusses on NBC that we'll have the onus for beginning this conflict
in Arab eyes. Air raid sirens have just gone off in the vicinity of
Dahran. Line cut to Saudi Arabia and both NBC and ABC. VMS
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 16-JAN-1991 18:36:43.02
Subj:   War Bulletin #6
Jerusalem is quiet. CBS - no attack on Riyadh and Dahran.  Three waves have
attacked Kuwait & Iraq. People are going to shelters. (ABC) 5 articles of
impeachment have been introduced in the House against Bush (ABC) VMS
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 16-JAN-1991 18:44:22.77
Subj:   WAR Bulletin #7
Israeli radio has ordered gas mask kits be opened, and people to stay at
home.  No state of emergency declared yet. It is still dark throughout the
Middle East. CNN is reporting the attack is continuing in Baghdad. be back
in ten minutes! VMS
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 16-JAN-1991 19:23:20.59
Subj:   War Bulletin #8
This will be short, and already have dropped one list off as a crusty
remark  hit me for "contributing further to the panic" and reporting what
all knew. Not so sure of that - but...CNN reports the bombing is still
heavily going in Baghdad, and a report from the Pentagon says that the
"high command" reports the attack is "going well," with no major glitches.
The planes reportedly being used are the F-4 for defensive purposes, the
F117a, the F-16, and the F115E for attack purposes. The Secretary General
of the UN is in his office, no word on the Security Council and what they
will do now. Cheney & General Powell are to brief after Bush's speech. VMS
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 16-JAN-1991 19:44:00.93
Subj:   War Bulletin #9
Dahran is on SCUD alert, but Peter Jennings on NPR (huh?) has a guy on
saying that Iraq never got planes or missles off the ground. If any get off,
this expert claims "exceptions" might be off, but that US air strikes will
get most. CNN reports attacks by US every fifteen minutes. NPR is replaying
Gary Shepherd in surprise reporting the attack as he was talking to
Jennings on ABC news. The Israelis report western Iraqi missle sites
knocked out. VMS
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 16-JAN-1991 20:23:11.41
Subj:   An initial comment to the President's speech
Bush said the attack began 1900 EST, but that seems a bit late from all
other reports. BBC reports 5 SCUDs have attacked Saudi Arabia, according to
NPR.  Jennings was NOT on NPR as I reported earlier - I did not know my
radio had been changed. I'm saddened, numb, upset and angry that this has
happened - and as I've said before, no one will come out this looking good.
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 16-JAN-1991 21:20:49.66
Subj:   WAr Bulletin (2106 CST 16 January)
Lost track of my numbering. CBS is reporting that a Saudi oil refinery near
Kuwait has been fired on by Iraqi artillery, but no other report confirms
Powell and Cheney would not say how many sorties, "hundreds" Powell says.
No air attack from the Iraq side - no reports one way or the other on
whether they've been discombobulated or not. Bernard Shaw described the air
attack as "surgical bombing." Powell, NBC and CNN all report the sorties as
numerous against a wide variety of targets, chemical, nuclear, and command
CBS reports that we have not cut diplomatic relations with Iran, attempting
to deal, we leave the channel open. The Jordanian Ambassador to the US, "A
tragic moment for the Middle East."  Baker has gone home to bed, Cheney
will be up all night, one supposes. Billy Graham's solacing the President
by staying over at the White House tonight.
Bush's 12 minute speech was matter of fact, straight forward, and made it
clear that we did not want "to conquer Iraq, but to liberate Kuwait." (More
on that later) NBC identifies King Hussein as the "biggest loser" in this
conflict - Amman is beginning to awake, the day of the funerals of the
assassinated PLO leaders.
If Saddam Hussein and Hussein of Jordan are the losers now, what will
happen if Israel is attacked? VMS
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 16-JAN-1991 21:52:11.46
Subj:   WAR Bulletin (2148 CST 16 January)
Senator Reigle says that we have hit most of the tagets we were after, with
almost no response from Iraq.  Reportedly, pilots claim total success,
western Baghdad nuclear site reportedly destroyed, chemical weapons stocks
destroyed, over 400 sorties reported flown at "over fifty" targets (NBC).
we claim we're not after Saddam Hussein, but now they are asking the
question - can we let Saddam live? VMS
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 16-JAN-1991 22:08:10.51
Subj:   War Bulletin (2202 CST 16 January)
NBC reports (unconfirmed) that the "entire Iraqi Air Force was destroyed on
the ground" and that the "Republican Guard has also been destroyed as a
fighting force." They also said that perhaps Iraq got 6 Scuds off, 4
reported shot down, one reportedly landed in the outskirts of Riyadh.
Commercial air flights to Saudi Arabia are closed, perhaps for ten days.
Americans are advised to stay in Saudi "until notified." Looks good, but
all sounds too easy for the Americans! VMS
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 16-JAN-1991 22:41:35.22
Subj:   War Bulletin (2029(?) CST 16 January)
NBC reports Iran as a winner in this mess, "without firing a shot." Their
worst enemy has now been crippled. The Israelis are reported "in shock"
because they've not been attacked. THe war is officially 4.5 hours old. The
chemical and nuclear facilities of Iraq - crushed. Scuds didn't get away,
one exploded "harmlessly" in the outskirts of Riyadh. It's dawn in the
Mideast, so now we see things in the light.  The US are reportedly going to
be "air superior" by tomorrow. The British Tornado squadron that fought in
the air sorties claim the Iraqi Air Force was "severely mauled."
NBC reports earlier that Saddam is broadcasting on Radio Baghdad, but it is
not known if that was live or on tape. "The lightning and the thunder" of
Operation Desert Storm  is not going to be commented on by the Pentagon
until 0600 CST.
"After hours" oil sales see oil prices at $35 a barrel. Conoco, Mobil and
Chevron Oil all have reportedly "frozen prices."
Lastly, my wife and our friend Frank visiting report the new version of
"Give Peace a Chance" has played on MTV at least four times in the past
hour and a half. A little late for that... VMS
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 16-JAN-1991 23:46:11.13
Subj:   War Bulletin (2323 CST 16 January)
Israel is still in shock. I think, and do not know this, that the attack
capacity of Iraq against them has already been destroyed, and that they now
"feel more secure." "There's no state of emergency there." (ABC)
NBC reported earlier that Saddam Hussein had announced that "now the great
battle has begun." He reportedly accused George Bush of committing " a
murderous crime."  There is no indication that the Iraqi feel defeated
despite the alleged destruction of their air force. He also allegedly said
this was a "battle of justice against vice, the believers against the
infidel." As Ted Koppel pointed out, one hasn't any knowledge of when he
recorded this. NBC says he had said that George Bush was a "hypocritical
Michael Perry's comments to who favors and opposes the war, and what folks'
motives are, is worth a lengthier response which I'll offer when things
have calmed a bit (that makes the President's speech and a response to
Michael to catch back up to).
Six hours plus into the war - what a ghastly mess. The fact that's this is
happening, while I expected it, still upsets the dickens out of me, because
I do not believe ANYONE has looked down the road to see what the long range
consequences of this will be. VMS
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 16-JAN-1991 23:56:33.37
Subj:   WAR Bulletin (2353 CST 16 January)
CNN has Fidel Castro on, talking about how "unecessary" the war is, and
that  CNN has Fidel Castro on, talking about how "unecessary" the war is,
and that  no one knows how much damage will be done to the world's economy
by this war.  I don't normally have much to agree with Brother Castro
about, on this he may be making a valid point. VMS
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 17-JAN-1991 00:48:34.91
Subj:   WAR Bulletin (0025 CST 17 January)
I have BBC on, via NPR, as my cable connection is downstairs from where
this terminal is. Currently, they have a panel discussion on to analyze the
Middle East, and tying the Soviet angle into the discussion.
There appears to be consensus that the Soviets will NOT play in this arena,
and that what they're doing in Lithuania will more facilitatable by the
hullaballoo in the Mid East. The events of the Gulf will far overshadow
anything else happening in the world. British "subjects" have warned to
stay indoors and "keep their heads down" if they're in the region.
18 tons of explosives were allegedly dropped in the first "wave." All
telephone conversations out of Baghdad are reportedly "broken." (though I'm
not sure of that report.) Planes from the US, UK, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait
were the attacking nations.
The first response of Baghdad, "the mother of good versus the princes of
evil" seems a bit grandiose. Saddam was reported "angry and defiant." Many
reactions. A misty cool morning in Baghdad, nothing in the city proper hit
by bombing, quiet in the city at present. I'm hearing a direct report from
BBC out of Baghdad by phone. Rumors are rife amongst the press there.
"looked like an enormous fireworks display on the horizon," the reporter,
Bob Simpson, presently on says.
Kaifu of Japan endorsed the US action, Radio Havana (thank you Doug
Caldwell on POLITICS) condemned the action, and suggested Bush should be
"tried for war crimes."
Reports just in to BBC say that the air strikes are continuing. The
republican Guard are reportedly destroyed by B-52 attacks, but that is
unconfirmed. More in a few minutes! VMS
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 17-JAN-1991 02:23:57.06
Subj:   WAR Bulletin (0150 CST 17 January)
Lost the last try to a machine glitch. I'm getting tired, so is the
BBC is reporting a second attack on Baghdad, while there are conflicting
claims as to the damage done the first round. Bassra is reportedly
"severely damaged," while an oil refinery, communicatuins tower, chemical
weapons storage, etc were reported destroyed in Baghdad.
US Congressional reaction has been "swift and united," according to BBC.
Most hope the conflict to be over quickly.
Rafsanjani of Iran called the war "regrettable" and warned of consequences
most undesirable if the conflict went on any length of time.
Bush is releasing 1.1 million barrels of oil daily for the next thirty days
- while one Politics reader theorizes $60 a barrel oil within days.
Israel appears quietly confident, and a bit more relaxed, now that missles
reportedly pointed at them were allegedly destroyed by the American et al
The Turkish Parliament may declare war later today, at the least will
probably approve of sorties emanating from their soil.
Kohl of Germany, according to Pierre Salinger, hopes for a "rapid
conclusion" to the "Gulf War."
The Nikkei shot up 1000 points this morning. Kaifu eagerly supports the US
Lastly, as I'm taking a brief break (to watch CNN downstairs for a few)
hello Michael Perry and all others - will be back in a few! VMS
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 17-JAN-1991 02:54:25.99
Subj:   War Bulletin (0250 CST 17 January)
I would offer quick thought that some have objected to these bulletins -
one person saying I would.'t send these bulletins to a newspaper, so why
e-mail? I've tried to make a written record of the events - and it matters
little that they can "all be seen on TV." As positive feedback has
outnumbered critics 3-1, I continue 'til I fall over. Saw a pilot (Lt. Col.
D. Kline) interviewed on a  pool tape - only saw Iraqi planes once, "headed
north," away from Baghdad. VMS
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 17-JAN-1991 03:25:33.33
Subj:   War Bulletin (0318 CST 17 January)
I send this to USSR-L list too for 2 reasons. One, I did not send out #402
in my series for that forum this morning in that I have been writing about
the war since roughly 1745 last night. I have trod on a few toes. The
biggest is that I've wasted bandwidth telling folks what they already know.
(Where has that argument crept in before?)  Apparently not, I've received
three posts in the past hour saying that people were at work, or nowhere
near news, and wrre glad some fool was being the Sarnoff of e-mail and
sharing events.
Mikhail Gorbachev is to release a statement in about 6 minutes. I plan to
watch it. It will be the next Bulletin, and #402 at the same time, I
I have done all this to provide a record, and as way to cope with the shock
that my country has attacked another country - and none of us know where
that will lead. VMS
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 17-JAN-1991 04:26:23.43
Subj:   USSR, #402 - WAR Bulletin (0350 17 January)
This is a co-mingled report, I apologize to USSR-L readers in advance for
some information that is not directly relevant!  POLITICS, NEWS-L and
Vaxaholics may get some Soviet news not necessarily of interest to them,
either - the hassle of cross-posting!
Mikhail Gorbachev's statement was released a few moments ago - of course,
CNN ran it in its brief entirety, and I missed the first seconds of it,
..."...such a tragic turn was provoked by the Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein's
refusal to withdraw from Kuwait ... The Soviet Union did all it could to
resolve the conflict ... to the very last minute we tried to prevent the
war ... (we were?) notified an hour in advance from Secretary of State
Baker...I put a proposal to Prsident Bush to make one further effort ... I
ordered our Ambassador in Baghdad to reach (President Hussein) and let him
know about my talk with President Bush ... let him announce his willingness
to withdraw from Kuwait ... that same night we appealed to France, China,
India, Great Britain. and the Arab states (presumably to make any and all
efforts towards peace...) ... we are taking efforts to "localize"
(interesting idea, how?) the conflict ... we realize the consequences for
the world ... we express deep sorrow over the military confrontation, which
could not be averted...among the Soviet people in Iraq, there are no
casualities ... the Soviet leadership will do all possible to stop the war
as soon as possible..."
There was speculation right after this tape about whether Gorbachev now had
the "latitude" to move against Lithuania (and other fractious republics)
using the "Gulf war" as a "smokescreen." (I suggest that the move will
STILL raise howls of indignation, BECAUSE this is going on!) If Gorbachev
is going to "attack/repress" his own citizens, he'll need a smokescreen and
even that might not help. As others have reported, he attempted to curtail
press freedom in the USSr today, and got a committee of the Supreme Soviet
to agree to "investigate" press "objectivity. Apparently, coverage by the
Moscow News on Lithuania had aroused his ire. Korotich reported tonight
that the next issue of Ogonyk will be "all about" Lithuania, apprently with
lots of pictures.
To get back to war bulletining for a moment. BBC via CNN reports
(unconfirmed) that ground forces of the "Allies" is moving into Kuwait as I
write these lines, accompanied by Cobra helicopters, Harrier "jets," and
A-10 "tank busters."
Two airbases of the Iraqis in Kuwait are reportedly destroyed, and one near
Baghdad reportedly damaged.
Lastly, Iraq claims to have shot down 14 of the invading planes. 3 by
Presidential palace anti-aircraft gunners. Jerusalem was pretty close to
normal in traffic, businesses open, people out, etc.
Many perils, much to keep an eye on. I've tried, in my own inadequate way,
to help. I apologize once more to all those who feel I've wasted band width
to tell many of things you've already heard. But reading a few of the 230
posts that have flowed by me this morning and last night is almost like
reading writings today that reflect on yesterday. Obviously, not everybody
IS paying attention. (Mabry and Hanly, I'm reading the Lakoff document now,
hope to have comments on History and Politics soon.)  VMS
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 17-JAN-1991 04:40:17.41
Subj:   War Bulletin (0436 CST 17 January)
This, (probably to relief of several complainers, is the last bulletin for
3 hours, I am exhausted. At 0630, Baker, Cheney "and maybe President Bush"
are to meet, presumably in the White House. Another round of air sorties
are reportedlyhappening. Saddam Hussein very bellicose on the radio
(another thing to report on later today) at 0315 our time. One pilot
reported seeing one SAM missle,  "away from me." May peace come soon, and
please don't judge me too harshly for the War Bulletins, OK? VMS
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 17-JAN-1991 04:44:11.46
Subj:   WAR bulletins...
These will be encapsulated into a file, and perhaps all the other net
comments I received in the 11 hours I stayed online to report the war will
go in a 2nd  file. First, some sleep! Expect me back by 0730-0800. VMS
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 17-JAN-1991 08:42:28.93
Subj:   War Bulletin (0832 CST 17 January)
Much has happened in the four hours I slept, and helped get kids & spouse
off to school. So far, sites known hit in Iraq by 1000 sorties (as of 0900
EST) are Pres. palace, Bathist party HQ, central railway station, council
of mini- sters bldg., chem plant, and so far one UK plane lost, one US
f-118(?) lost. 1 French Jaguar may have been lost, unconfirmed. Senator
Gore - we are guardedly pleased. It seems Iraq not prepared for accuracy &
deadliness of attack. VMS
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 17-JAN-1991 09:28:23.66
Subj:   War Bulletin (0903 CST 17 January)
The Saudis confirm an attack on a refinery, but say there were no
The markets have opened, oil prices sharply plummeted. In receiving from 5
lists of one level of info or another, many report a surge in gasoline
prices overnight that subsequently have fallen again.
Having received 59 messages so far relating to the Gulf since 2100 last
night, in most cases I've had time to look at them and not much more. (That
doesn't include my normal Soviet traffic, which was at the same level! Who
has enough time?)
The Iraqi Ambassador to the UK made a brief appearance this morning, would
not confirm desrtions or casualties. Egyptian TV reportedly said 50 tank
crews in Kuwait had switched to civilian clothes and deserted
The Saudis are doing a military briefing on CNN.
CNN now claims confirmation on tank crews deserting, but not on numbers.
Cheney's briefing this morning warned the news people again that "this is
serious business," especially reporting on casualties, conformed 1000
sorties against targets in Kuwait and Iraq, Gen. Powell added that 100
Tomahawk Cruises had been fired (and that he was "quite pleased"by their
Decisions will be made later today on re-targeting, the Defense Secretary
CNN reports the Dow up 92 points at 0915 CST, 80 million shares traded in
the first 45 minutes of the market being open.
Gen. Powell said that "the mission will continue until the goals have been
reached - Saddam Hussein's troops are out of Kuwait, and the legitimate
government is restored."
A university in Germany just reported on POLITICS that that they were "on
strike" in reaction to the "new Gulf war."
Powell also would not say that the Iraqi air force was destroyed. He said
he "was pleased that initial goals have been reached." He could or would
not offer information on the damage done to Basra. He reported an 80%
"sortie success rate," and that he was "pleased by the air strike's
effectiveness." "We have damaged command and control, but not destroyed
it." Ground forcves are moving into positions, DOD nor Powell would confirm
that they were fighting as of yet.
DOD would not offer estimates of Iraqi casualties.
Iraqi TV is still on air, reportedly, DOD had no explanation on why that
was continuing, other than than the above comments on command and control.
CNN does report microwave towers and other communications facilities
US airport facilities are all reported at a "higher stage of alert."
Cuba and North Korea have both denounced the US attacks, other nations are
either deploring the attack or praising it.
Bush is reported briefing Congressional leaders at this moment (0927).
Lastly, NPR reported earlier that the Egyptian ambassador's residence in
Amman had been stoned by a mob.
More in awhile. VMS
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 17-JAN-1991 10:37:02.54
Subj:   War Bulletin (1001 CST 17 January)
CNN reports that 20 of the 45 reporters in Baghdad have left or been
ordered out, and they were just shut down from broadcasting from the
Al-Rashis hotel in Baghdad by the government. (I agree with whoever it was
that said Shaw, Holliman and Arnett will probably win a Pulitzer for their
coverage - don't know what to think about the other half of the comment -
that they might not live to spend the money that they're earning). They
were shut down at 0959 CST.
The Dow is still quite volatile, up 81 points at 1000 CST, 139 million
shares traded by then (in comparison, the volume for ALL of 15 January was
109 million). Oil prices are down $7.50 a barrel at the same time, no word
on currency or metals trading at this juncture.
John Major, a little earlier - "Our aims are clear... We want Iraq out of
Kuwait the government of Kuwait restored, restore peace in the region, and
establish the authority of the UN in the region...we reluctantly have come
to the use of force...Saddam Hussein hsas left us no other choice...our
military action will continue until Saddam Hussein complies..
At 0955 CST, air raid sirens went off as Holliman of CNN was closing out -
the 5th such eruption of noise in 4 hours, he reported before going off the
air. Iraqi TV, meanwhile, was showing Saddam Hussein praying, and meeting
with military people - no idea when this was filmed.
Powell reported the whole array of US planes had been used, from the
Stealth fighter to the B-52, the F-4 to the A-10.
George Bush went to church in Fort Myers, Virginia, then met with
Congressional leaders. He said that he would not do briefings from the
White House on the situation, but let that the Pentagon do that.  Fitzwater
reported Bush was up at 0500, and that he'd taken another "solitary walk,"
then visited the Situation room.
Apparently, resolutions of support are to emerge fom Congress later today -
don't know anything more about the impeachment business I reported about
early on.
Though I've commented on the war much in these past 16 1/2 hours - I still
don't know what to think.
Latest Dow (1035) up 83, 159 million shares traded. Oil is now down $9 a
barrel. Gold is down $7.50, silver is down .17, dollar is down against ALL
other currencies. VMS
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 17-JAN-1991 13:09:35.01
Subj:   War Bulletin (1245 CST 17 January)
This will be short.  I apologize for going offline for two hours, the lack
of sleep caught up with me.
The Dow (at 1236) was up 91.5 points, Light sweet Crude is down $8.75, T
Bonds were up 2.25 points when I arose from my "nap."
A man interviewed by phone from Kuwait City said that there had been three
air strikes on the city - but could not say much to the issue of
Reportedly, though I do not know how the media knows this, 75% of Americans
know someone involved in Operation Desert Storm.  I'm in the rare minority,
that I know of, I know no one there.
Someone asked me earlier about Syrian or Iranian military moves,
regrettably, I have no information to yet report from those directions.
Angry protests are reported in San Francisco and Philadelphia, both around
Federal buildings. There is obviously not unanimous approval in the US for
Operation Desert Storm.
From the White House, Fitzwater says..."The president is very heartened" by
the course of the operation. "No one should think this will be short or
easy...we won't be trying to give deadlines, dates or durations...keep this
in details will be released from here on operations
Currently, CNN is showing Ambassador al-Sabah of Kuwait to the UN giving a
statement. He reports Iraqi desertions in Kuwait, but says that is still
I will be offline for 2 hours to take care of some school business. Thanks
for the words of support, and apologies again to anyone who feels these
bulletins are unnecessary (hear that, o history group?) This time is a time
of great division, both within self, and out there in the world. One hopes
that the the "war" does not get out of hand. Until I return...yours
sincerely, VMS
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 17-JAN-1991 15:02:37.80
Subj:   War Bulletin (1410 CST 17 January)
I am sorry that I made an error this morning in saying "I still know what
to think..." I meant to say I still do (NOT) know what to think about all
this." I do not know why Mr. Gomberg is coming at me so negatively, as most
comments on these bulletins have been fairly positive, and I was encouraged
by several members of NEWES-L to continue, as they were at work or other
places and unable (and were not "hearing impaired" either!) to get the
news. Ease up! I'm harming no one, and you have a delete key if my messages
so offend you!
Saud Nasir al-Sabah, the Kuwait Ambassador to the US, about an hour ago,
"If Saddam Hussein wants to surrender, now is the time - if he waits, he'll
be crushed."
CBS Radio reports that the Kuwaitis admit to a lost Skyhawk plane (must
confess as to not knowing what kind of plane that is), and Iraq admits to
23 dead and 50+ wouned in Kuwait.
The number of air sorties is now reported at 1300, with still only one
plane lost, and no reported air or missle resistance by the Iraqi.
1000 people reportedly surrounded the San Francisco Federal Building,
effectively shutting it down all day, and just in the past few minutes it
has broken up.
The Dow rose over 100 points at 1335, at 1440 it was up 105.5 points, while
Light Sweet Crude futures had dropped 10.70 to $21.30. lower than they were
2 August. Gold is currently down $30.10 at $374.40 an ounce, and silver had
fallen .19 to $4.04. The dollar is off against the yen and the Deutschmark,
and 30 year T-bonds are up 2.5 points at this moment.
Reuters reported an hour ago that the Iraqi Ambassador to Belguim had said
that the attack against Israel "is still coming," while CNN reports from
Israel that in Tel Aviv, folks are coming out in the streets, and bringing
their gas masks with them. Deputy Foreign Minister Netanyahu indicated that
the alerts would stay in place until tomorrow.
It is reported that stationary SCUD sites were"probably destroyed" bu that
bo confirmation is on about mobile SCUDS.
A poll released this afternoon had 17% polled believing the war would be
over "in days," 39% in "weeks," 23% in "months," 5% thought it would take
"a year," and 16% didn't know.
For the first time in American history, airports within the US are on the
"highest security alert." Lots of stringent regulations in place - 1 1/2
hours to 2 is the estimate for air travellers to come to the airport before
their flights. Some cancellations are reported occurring.
Quotes- from George Bush, "I'm not commenting on the ups and downs, and
there will be both ups and downs...we are pleased at the way things have
gone so far." Cheney, "There have been casualties, there will probably be
more..." As of yet, none have been identified. Saddam Hussein is reported
as making a defiant speech earlier "couched in the language of holy war."
The Iraqi Ambassador to the UN is still in the US, holed up in the Iraqi
mission in New York, reportedly having a hard time getting through to
Baghdad, and invisible to the US press.
2 planes of immigrants arrived in Israel today, they were issued gas masks
immediately. The Arabs in the Occupied Territories are "locked down" by
Israeli security forces, and under a curfew. They mostly do NOT have gas
masks. Israel rightly fears the disruptive quality of the Palestinnian
community in those places.
The pace of these bulletins will also be "up and down," but, though at
least two people have asked me to stop, over 40 have urged me to continue.
I feel that this event is incredibly important, and needs a running
commentary written about it. Perhaps it does offer much many already know,
but the effort DOES try to encapsulate from as many different sources as
possible what's happening. Let me know what YOU think! *But keep the abuse
to a minimum.. please?*  VMS
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 17-JAN-1991 15:35:36.19
Subj:   War Bulletin (1530 CST 17 January)
A protest in LA reported by CNN, organized by Junior High students!
Apparently most of the school - Burroughs Junior High School - went out
against the war. Organized by a 15 year old! Congress reportedly wrangling
over a resolution on  the war - Dems in favor of the troops, but not the
Prez, GOP in favor of Prez AND troops. Dow closed 114.60 ahead, 2nd largest
gain in its history. VMS
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 17-JAN-1991 16:02:22.84
Subj:   War Bulletin (1551 CST 17 January)
Saudi Commander General Khalid Bin Sultan said twenty minutes ago that NO
defections have occurred in the past twenty-four hours - no tanks, no
thousands in Kuwait, none!
Saudi and Kuwaiti planes took part in the air strike, no confirmation on
Skyhawk reported lost.
CNN reports from the Pentagon that another wave of air strikes, including
Baghdad, are occurring "now." US ground forces are reported "moving closer
to the border," but not yet in Kuwait - that may wait "4 or 5 days" until
the air pounding is more "complete." Some Allied planes did NOT drop bombs
lsast night, but leaflets in Arabic - do not know what they said.
There is little concern about terrorism here, but an expert, Steve Emerson,
said at 1545 that concern remains that "free lance terrorists or terrorists
directly adhering to Baghdad" might strike in Europe.
Lastly, Israeli intelligence is reported as saying Saddam Hussein probably
will "never surrender."
Number of sorties is between 1200 and 1500, a wide disparity now being
reported.       VMS
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 17-JAN-1991 18:57:39.62
Subj:   War Bulletin (1820 CST 17 January)
I took two hours to catch up, to spare the grumpier ones among you the
"pounding" frequency of last night, to chase children around on
roonm-cleaning, all that stuff.
One correction, I said something about 18 tons of bombs dropped in one of
last night's bulletins, I was corrected today, awhile ago, by one of my
fellow Honors students, DADDAMS. I should have said 18,000 tons of bombs
were dropped.
B-52's are apparently doing "carpet bombing" of Kuwait now, flying from
both Diego Garcia and Turkey.
Today's sorties, reported by CNN and ABC at "over 1300," are reportedly
encountering more anti-aircraft fire, especially over Baghdad.
My friends of my generation and I have been heavily struck by "war on TV."
Even the encounters like the one reported by several who saw it in the bar
in Independence, Missouri, ("just down the road") by Jeff Locke of CNN last
night struck me as ways folks are being attitudinally influenced more by TV
in this war than ever before - the coverage BY CNN from Baghdad is another
incredible illustration of what I think I'm trying to point out. My friend
John Albertson, the classic bartender/commentator type, said that he had
told someone who had asked him what he was doing that "I stayed home and
watched the war."
The sunrise over Amman this morning, and presumably elsewhere in the
Mideast, was blood-red - it seemed highly symbolic. In Jordan, reaction to
the war has been highly muted, as is the case also in Damascus, according
to Time reporters queried by McNeil/Lehrer.
My friend Frank just called me to tell me that NBC reports missle attacks
have hit Tel Aviv, 10 is what he said, some are chemical launches. Now NBC
says 5 confirmed. Martin Fletcher, the NBC reporter, is giving his report
wearing a gas mask. The higher up folks are, the better. Not clear what
kind of gas is being used. I'm deeply shocked, despite knowing that this
card could be played. Now Israel has been dragged in - now the war will
take several twists nobody will like.  VMS
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 17-JAN-1991 19:21:20.75
Subj:   War Bulletin (1902 CST 17 January)
Here we are again, NBC reports that it may have been as many as a dozen
missles, with one at least loaded with chemicals. A building in Tel Aviv
has collapsed, injuries unnumbered are reported. Heavy theorizing about
what kind of chemicals. Fletcher reports nerve gas reported by the
Israelis, they bring him a syringe on camera. Brokaw says "this has an air
of surrealism about it." I heartily agree - too bizarre! Some missles may
have hit northern Israel. CBS reports that Israel has launched a
retaliatory attack ten minutes ago at Iraq. CBS reports rescue workers are
all working in chemical gear, CBS, two missles at Haifa, three at Tel Aviv.
Dahran is been attacked by missle, according to CBS, no confirmation yet.
28 warplanes are being reported as attacking Iraq from Turkey. NPR reports
Israel Radio is saying that folks can take off gas masks, but to stay in
sealed rooms.
It seems that we are now seeing a widening war, which bodes ill.
Now the reports are 2-5 missles. CBS is the only outlet here saying the
Israelis are retaliating - they are also the only ones saying Dahran is
about to be attacked.
Israel "entering the war" changes the whole equation - the big question is
How? VMS
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 17-JAN-1991 19:50:21.36
Subj:   WAr Bulletin (1930 CST 17 January)
CNN reports that Dahran is under attack.
Incredible - CNN running on CBS! (At least on my non-cable connected TV!).
One becomes schizophrenic, listening to NPR on the radio out of my right
here, CBS/CNN out of the left ear, CNN, ABC, whatever wafting up the
Washington is reported by NPR saying that the missles were all
"conventional," that no gas or nerve gas was used.
Another missle attack is reported by NPR, directed at Haifa.
A second gas mask alert is reported in Tel Aviv.
Air raid sirens are wailing in Dahran, CNN is reporting, one run to
shelters there in the last few minutes. NPR is reporting an attack in
NPR is reporting Israeli TV has given Haifa is under gas mask alert.
James Blackwell of the Center for Strategic and International Studies calls
the attack "a last desperate attempt" by Iraq. CNN's Richard Roth thinks
that the Israelis do not see it that way, they do not know how many mobile
SCVD launchers Iraq has. Blackwell thinks that Israel can retaliate and not
invade Jordan's airspace.
CNN reports that US planes are trying to hunt down fixed SCUD sites not
destroyed, though "most" are destroyed. Mobile SCUDS are now "priority #1"
for US air.
US government asked Israel to not retaliate. Ha!
US forces in Saudi are reporting Israel attacking Iraq (CBS as CBS - our
local CBS affiliate is playing footsies with CNN!).
Ten minutes to catch my breath, and try not to weep in despair. This is
almost too painful to report! VMS
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 17-JAN-1991 20:24:30.85
Subj:   War Bulletin (2001 CST 17 January)
There are now 7 confirmed missle hits in Israel.
CBS speculates that the explosion that reportedly occurred in Dahran may
have been a Patriot missle (ours) misfiring and/or exploding.
Casualties are extant in the Israel hits, no numbers yet.
"War in the Gulf" and "America at War" logos by the networks and cable,
among other! Logos! I cannot believe this!
Jordanians are reported by NPR quoting Reuters that Israsel is undergoing a
massive air mobilization.
Cronkite points it out as "diabolical" the almost eerie exactly 24 hours
later strike by Baghdad after they had been attacked by the Americans.
Cronkite asks a question many of us are asking now, "Does the
Administration have a post-war plan?" It sure doesn't appear that way.
The Israeli Army reports "seven lightly injured from "eight" missle
attacks, NPR reports.
Baker has met with Ambassadors of Egypt, Syria and Israelis about the
attack on Israeli.
Back in a few. We are seeing more people protesting here than 48 hours ago,
and it probably will be more intensified the longer the war goes on. VMS
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 17-JAN-1991 21:47:59.99
Subj:   War Bulletin (2118 CST 17 January)
Sorry I've been gone so long, system is down (Bitnet) and I cannot figure
out to make the Telnet work. Oh well, this'll just pile up, and maybe break
loose all at once - sorry about that. If I knew more about these computers,
perhaps I could get around the problem, but alas...
Unconfirmed (by me) is the story NPR is running that the "attack" on Dahran
was in fact a SCUD that was blown out by a Patriot missle.
Secretary of State Baker is reported as meeting with the Ambassadors of
Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt and....Israel (all at the same time?), since the
attack on Israel by Iraq. No further word on this. oops, NPR just reported
that all this confab occurred on the phone.
A pool reporter is reported as confirming the SCUD being destroyed at
George Bush is reported as "outraged" by the Iraqi attacks on Saudi Arabia
and Israel.
American airports are now at " level 4 alert," the FAA says, the highest
Belguim has expelled 7 Iraqis, Britain 28 more, while bombings that may be
related to all this have occurred in India, Germany and Italy. Germany is
on alert, while 250,000 demonstrated across Germany against the US attack
on Iraq.
The Israeli ambassador to the US is giving a statement. (Didn't catch his
name, wolfing tacos!) He did not indicate Israel had retaliated, but that
"they reserve the right to." His statement indicated that Israel had paid
the greatest cost besides Kuwait against Iraqi aggression.
NPR is reporting Bush is "angry" about the attack on Isael, and has ordered
a massive air strike on Iraq.
The mood in Washington is more somber, NPR is reporting. "Very troubling,"
they credit to Senator Sam Nunn (D-Ga).
Let's see where this goes!  VMS
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 17-JAN-1991 22:11:19.66
Subj:   War Bulletin (2151 CST 17 January)
The bombing is now supposed to reach 2000 sorties in the next day or so
(per day!)
One associate offered the cost of the 104 Tomahawks fired - $1.2 million
per, or $124.8 million for the weapons fired in the first TEN MINUTES of
the war.
CBS is showing some incredible footage - the air strikes against Baghdad
last night.
CBS' obscene "logo" for covering the war, "Showdown: the Gulf."
The cost of Operation Desert Storm will far exceed the $30 billion
estimated for FY '91.
A protest in Portland, Oregon, drew 10,000 tonight. Bomb threats in Houston
& Austin, Texas. Arab Anti-Discrimination President expresses dismay at the
The Dutch and Italians have now reportedly indicated their willingness to
fight with the Allies.
NPR reported Gorbachev told the Soviet people that Sasddam Hussein deserved
to be attacked because of his intransigence over Kuwait.
The FBI is reportedly seeking a would-be terrorist, David Azowe(?) in LA
who allegedly "got away" from surveillance.
Lots is happening, would it that I had an AP wire! VMS
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 17-JAN-1991 22:29:45.89
Subj:   War Bulletin (2020 CST 17 January)
The Nacy has released the name of the "missing" Marine pilot that is listed
as "missing in action." He is Lieutenant Commander Michael Spiker, 33. No
home town given.
Jordan has re-opened the border to Iraq, prepared to handle 50,000 refugees
from there, but speculating that they might get 750,000.
Two of our sysops people are trying to reach someone in Jerusalem via
computer, so far they have failed. Any ideas out there?
I'm locked in a cone of silence - I know you're out there, but I cannot
hear from you, and do not know if you're gettin these posts! (I'm sure a
couple of you are glad of that!)
The "Israeli card" is one I'm sure not happy to see "played." VMS
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 17-JAN-1991 23:30:37.53
Subj:   War Bulletin (2301 CST 17 January)
In one hour, my son Leland will be 5 years old, and he's so pleased. He
really does not understand what this whole business is all about, save that
Dad is intensely interested in what they call "war" and Mom got pretty
upset last night when the war started.
The man's name who shot the spectacular footage of the Allied bombing
though the nightscope is a man named Fabriz, though most of the rest of the
film was shot by ITN's Sebastian Rich, all for an ITN reporter named Brent
Sadler. Speaking of Pulitzer's, watch for Fabriz to win one for that film
of Baghdad.
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 18-JAN-1991 00:07:44.65
Subj:   War Bulletin (2334 CST 17 January)
"Unconditional surrender is now being built into the war aims."
George Will.  Congressman Solarz, "The United States will gain enormous
confidence from fighting this war." He assumes we will win handily.
A third critic "knows" why I am being attacked by the 2nd. Boring...would
be my guess. I HAVE tried - it is most intense to be trying to observe
about a war from afar, not unlike the felings of inadequacy in attempting
to "cover" or "analyze" the events in the Soviet Union.
Apparently, Israel has not decided what exactly to do, but if ABC is right,
they are up to something.
I'm off for awhile, not sure how long. Will be at my "usual" Soviet post.
Reportedly, another plane has fallen, another British plane (from NPR
I suggest that the nation, us netters, etc cannot maintain this level of
intensity for "weeks or months, " as is suggested by Ted Koppel as the
possible duration of the war. Do we want to?
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 18-JAN-1991 01:28:38.36
Subj:   War Bulletin (0125 CST 18 January)
Things appear quiet in the Mid-east for a few moments. NBC and ABC are
still "covering" the war, despite the fact most American viewers are
probably abed, where I'll be in just a moment or two. General Schwarzkopf
is to have a briefing in just 4 1/2 hours, so I'm crashing now so I can see
it. Hurting inside, and knowing a chunk of the more sensitive in my nation
are too, VMS
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 18-JAN-1991 11:00:38.41
Subj:   War Bulletin (0959 CST 18 January)
Missed the Schwarzkopf briefing, and got up to a firestorm of hassles,
which led to taking one "wing" of folks off this distribution list because
one enterprising sysops person on newes-l was forwarding all my messages
back at me, with blank areas, no comments back except in a couple of cases
- too much. I take all Regina Knight's comments gratefully though, her
points make sense, as did Randy Appleton's comment later on.
One thing I've noticed is the hurried manner in which most of us have been
embraced by the war, it has swept many of us out of normal currents, and
has swept our media into something several people have commented on - the
slick graphics and logos, the banks of experts (especially military,
retired), the hurried rush to report ANYTHING (I agree especially with
Regina about CBS'coverage). It has affected me, I really feel stupid at the
typos errors several of you have referred to, so I'm going to slow down,
not send so many of these bulletins, "chilling out," as my 9 year old is
wont to say.
The current downed plane count stands at 6 that I'm aware of - 3 US - one
A-6, one F-15, one F-A18, plus one each from Italy, Britain, and Kuwait.
ABC reported that the Iraqis had captured an American pilot - no
verification of that. The sortie level is now at 2000 per day, no current
count on sorties flown (next bulletin!). Ah, though I refuse to bother
people who do not wish to be, Newes-L people report TWO pilots are being
reported captured by Iraq, to "be paraded" before the media left in Baghdad
ala North Viet Nam style.
At 0500, I was up for an emphysema treatment, and CNN was reporting then
that Shamir was meeting with his cabinet - all American news channels are
reporting that so far no one knows whether Israel will respond with an
attack or not. I must confess to surprise that they haven't reacted, but am
proud of them for forbearing from attacking, at least so far.
During that fifteen minutes I had to be up, CNN reported that Gorbachev had
sent a note, letter, whatever to Saddam Hussein saying that the attack on
Israel was "fraught with grave consequences." One suspects that is putting
it SO mildly - my reading of the attack on Israel is that a general
conflageration(?) of MOST unpleasent proportions will occur if they are
sucked into this as participants. And what of Henry Kissinger, and others,
asking the tough question of "what will be the scenario when the war is
The footage from pilot cameras is quite astonishing - both ABC and CNN have
run some from the Saudi Arabia briefing at 0600 CST that I missed.
The footage of the Khafji refinery fire indicates that some of the
predictions about all that are true - black smoke filling the sky as the
fires burn apparently unchecked.
Sorry to be so prickly with folks, I WILL continue doing what I have been
doing, perhaps one an hour or every couple of hours, and allowing 4-6 hours
to sleep. It seems important that someone take the time to write a running
commentary as the war progresses, somewhere down the line, I'm sure I, if
no one else, will be glad I did. I was told this morning I had gotten a lot
"wrong" in my reports, though I've primarily reported what I've heard.
Maybe so. Hard to say, I'll reserve judgement on wrongness or rightness
until the war is "over," though I'm convinced we've bought into a twenty
year committment with this war.    VMS
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 18-JAN-1991 12:46:16.58
Subj:   War Bulletin (1249 CST 18 January)
CNN was interviewing B. Netanyahu, Dep. Foreign Minister of Israel when air
raid sirens went off. Netanyahu said that meant an attack was under way. I
have a class, will be back in 1 1/2 hours. VMS
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 18-JAN-1991 14:36:17.64
Subj:   War Bulletin (1430 CST 18 January)
Apparently, the "air raid" on Israel was a false alarm. I'll be off for a
few minutes to finish an article on war for the school paper, then I can
comment to the Bush press confeence, and CNN's interview of Iraq's
Ambassador to the UN, which occurred a few minutes ago. VMS
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 18-JAN-1991 15:27:35.82
Subj:   WAR Bulletin (1512 CST 18 January)
I've added everyone's name to a distribution list who I got mail from, but
screwed up one fellow's address in writing it down, and then deleting it,
thinking I had it - a "Sysam@albany.vm1.bitnet," which our machinery says
is an illegal host/domain. Any help anyone can offer to solve this stupid
little problem would be helpful.
Anyway. The Iraqi Ambassador to the UN, Amir al-Ahbar(?), was interviewed
by CNN about 45 minutes back, and he continues to repeat the "Baghdad
line;" that this is a conspiracy of Israel and the US, that we had planned
for 6 months to go to war, that Israel had committed aggression against
Iraq in 1981 and the world didn't do anything about that, thousands of
bombs wre raining on Iraq in an unprovoked attack by the United States,
This fellow is considerably less obnoxious than M. al-Mashat, the recently
recalled Iraqi Ambassador to the US, but nonetheless, he is quite adroit at
placing the blame for all this at the US and Israel's door.
There is some kind of meeting of the diplomatic corps in Washington
occurring at the State Department.
Will be back as news, or time, warrants, by 1900 at the latest. VMS
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 18-JAN-1991 16:06:03.59
Subj:   War Bulletin (1555 CST 18 January)
A briefing just concluded at the Pentagon at 45.5 hours into the war
(1530). Lt. General Tom Kelly, Operations Chief (I think) for the Joint
Chiefs was the main briefer, and he was assisted by Rear Admiral Mike
McConnell, Dep. Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency.
They report operations as going "about as we planned," "satisfactorily,"
"superb performance by our troops," and so on. 4 planes are reported down,
7 MIA, no known prisoners of Americans by Iraq, one presumed dead, though
still listed as missing. 450,000 troops are "in theatre" as of today. At
1900 EST., 2107 sorties will have been flown, 196 Tomahawk Cruises will
have been fired. The Apache attack helicopter is reported engaged, but
where and how were not reported. The 4th downed US plane is an A-6.
8 Iraqi planes have been reported downed, no dogfights. They refused to
speculate on % of communications or air ppower of Iraq that are destroyed,
nor could they give numbers or % on SCUDs destroyed. Saddam Hussein is
presumed still in charge.
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 18-JAN-1991 17:08:57.42
Subj:   War Bulletin (1502 CST 18 January)
Tens of thousands demonstrate on behalf of Iraq in Lebanon - 30,000 in
Sidon,  10,000 in Beirut. Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Are reportedly
said that Israel will retaliate, at a time of their choosing. Saddam
Hussein allegedly send his family to Muaritania - they deny it. The bombing
has temporarily stopped, because of bad weather. Communications are spotty
within Iraq. VMS
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 18-JAN-1991 19:45:42.01
Subj:   War Bulletin (1924 CST 18 January)
Will try this again - machine ate the last try. (I love computers, but they
DO befrazzle me!)
Extraordinarily, the second air raid "false alarm" in Israel earlier today
was reportedly caused by "space junk," presumably Soviet.
Two of the three CNN reporters - Bernard Shaw and John Holliman - showed up
in Amman in the last half hour, leaving behind Robert Wiener, Peter Arnett
and a staff person, Nick Robertson. 14 hours across the desert, as
apparently was the case for the ABC people there too. There cannot be too
many Western media people left there.
The ABC cameraman whose incredible pictures have been all over the news is
named Fabrice Moussus - mark my words, he's got a Pulitzer in his future!
Confirming a report I read by James McBride - his last report from Ireland
EXCELLENT!  - oil dropped to the lowest price it has been simce last July -
CNN had some real incredible footage of tanks presumably moving forward
earlier (arround 1845), and ABC reported earlier "some kind of a ground
war" is in the offing.
A sortie a minute is reported the current rate, weather must not have too
many planes down then!
Quote- "War is never cheap or easy."  George Bush, 1/18/91 Latest reports
are that the Iraqis have lost 8 planes, and the "Allies" have lost 8.
Lastly, as we ARE trying to celebrate a 5 year old's birthday here
(ARGH!!!), this continues to be the crassest "TV war" I've ever seen. CNN's
use of comments by General Powell and Secretary Cheney this past week about
them as ADVERTISEMENTS today seemed the height of exploitation of a
tragedy. VMS
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 18-JAN-1991 22:20:27.64
Subj:   War Bulletin (2120 CST 18 January)
News from around the Arab world is not particularly supportive of the US
attack on Iraq, despite President Bush's comments on Arab support for the
war. I've already mentioned the demonstrations in Lebanon, also
anti-American demonstrations reportedly occurred across India today.
Demonstrations of a pro-Iraqi nature occurred in Pakistan, Mauretania, and
Algeria today (maybe Jordan too).
Saddam Hussein is still making defiant speeches on radio and TV, and
apparently not willing "to surrender," or withdraw from Kuwait either.
CNN reports at roughly 2115 that the Pentagon is saying that the air war
will extend through early February BEFORE any ground war is embarked on -
troops and tanks ARE moving towards Kuwait, but no troops have moved across
the border.
An Iraqi was arrested in Rome for 3 New York synagogue bombings that
occurred in 1973. Belguim expelled an Iraqi diplomat earlier today.
House and Senate Resolutions in support of the war passed yesterday and
today, 399-6 (with 6 abstentions) and 98-0.
No one in Turkey or here will admit B-52's there are being used in the
carpet bombing of northwest Kuait and southern Iraq, but I did see footage
of an airbase at Incirlik tonight, which says to me that we probably are.
Current "Allied" plane losses are 4 American, 2 British, 1 Kuwaiti, and 1
Italian. Iraqi plane losses are said to be 11 of the 700 that are
reportedly in the Iraqi Air Force.
The Iraqi Ambassador to Japan, "This will be a very long and devastating
war for the United States." Iraqi TV reportedly called today for the
Muslims of the world to attack US interests "around the globe!"
The Jordanian Parliment voted a resolution that holds the US "responsible
for every drop of blood" shed in the Gulf conflict.
The Germans reported via CNN that there 100,000 Iraqi refugees in Iran.
1600 Americans have so far been arrested in anti-war demonstrations.
CNN reports that the phone companiesx report a 3000% increase in phone
calls from the United States to Israel.
Why does it feel like we've not crossed "a line in the sand," but stepped
into a pit of quicksand with no bottom?   VMS
From:   VAX1::CDELL        "VALENTINE M. SMITH" 18-JAN-1991 23:52:17.68
Subj:   War Bulletin (2345 CST 18 January)
CNN reports ten minutes ago "5 or 6 explosions" in Tel Aviv, with air raid
sirens and folks in the "sealed rooms." The ironies here are too tragic to
contemplate! Let us hope that Israel can stay out of the conflict, but it
looks worse all the time! VMS⍺

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