Subj: Back… Back — to the Future! 92-09-15 20:14:06 EDT

Subj:  Back… Back — to the Future!        92-09-15 20:14:06 EDT
From:  KennethU

Well, my friend, it’s about that time.

I’ve been running MS-DOS 5.0 with DeskMate 3.05 on this little
Tandy 1000 TL for about a year now.  I made the mistake of
installing Stacker — it’s a memory hog on my computer and it’s
kinda a Catch-22 situation  (not to knock Stacker, as it’s a
fine program for some people who don’t mind the difference in
memory or who have computers that can load Stacker “High”).

Tonight, I’ve backed up all of my ZIP’s, ARC’s and ARJ’s, gone
into my DeskMate directory and backed up all the:
*.db   <— Home Organizer “database” files
*.wk1  <— Lotus Spreadsheet for Deskmate
*.out  <— Outliner Companion
*.adr  <— every one in the house has their own
*.cln \
*.cal / Older and Newer “Calender” data files

*.dry  <— Diary
*.col  <— Collections

and I hope that was all I needed.  I looked at the directory
when I was done and all I saw were basically the same, old
Deskmate files I’ve been seeing on floppies for about 4 years

I also went into my DESK\PCL subdirectory for all of the text
files I got from doing a “Save As…” with about everything.

It seems like I manage to go through the information stuff here
on PC-Link (like some of the software reviews, or a lot of the
stuff in the Tandy area) and do a Save As… for everything!
There were TANDY.1, TANDY.2, TANDY.3’s all over the place
(that’s how I know that those files all came from one article
on PC-Link with the “More” thing on the bottom)…

I’m looking forward to going back to 3.30.  Less memory gets
eaten up, I’ll have Deskmate in the speedy ROM chip  —  and
I’m going to order the Deskmate Upgrade Chipset for my TL so
that I can be running the latest (or at least a 3.03 or above)
version of Deskmate from the F12 key :)

I’m also going to use a different philosophy when organizing my
hard drive.  It’s getting reformatted to 3.30 — I’ll probably
use 2 20Meg partitions and one 10Meg partition.  Why?

I miss the days when I was floppy-only (just about over a year
ago I went HD).  Everything was organized, neat and in its
place.  When I got the Hard Drive I also decided to get DOS 5.0
and, soon after that, Stacker.  I thought that getting the
latest stuff would be a good thing.

It really wasn’t.  My Hard Drive just came jam-packed and was
just below the line of FULL because of the junk I put on and
never used.

So, this is what I’m going to do:

All data files will be put on FLOPPY DISKS.  This means that
every little *.SNG will be on Floppy, every *.DOC, every little
screen full of text I save in PC-Link… all.

Also, everyone that uses this computer will start with their
own floppy disk.  I wrote a little batch file system that has
you log in with your name, asks you to pop in your floppy disk,
and then loads up Deskmate.  No more “backups”, except for the
occasional DISKCOPY or XCOPY a:*.* b:  (one 3.5″ drive only).

It’ll be a good thing.  Wish me luck!    ….FORMAT C:….

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