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Jun 10, 2015

tw   ikr – and really, once we got it started, I was pretty much the plumber, making sure stuff worked, adding a few things here and there, but mostly just letting ppl do their thing.Also, I think it’s bigger than connecticut. I have to stitch the images together [I created tiles… 42189 tiles that are 512×512 each, each pixel representing a single block (as seen from the top down)….
…and added them up.  BUT because there are unexplored areas of the maps, THE WORLDS ARE ACTUALLY A WHOLE LOT BIGGER
… I’m ready to get blown away when it’s done… but I’m already blown away.

rt Mebbe you are, maybe not – but probably :P  I’m gonna get it back up one of these days (depends if I can get my hands on another computer to run it – this poor laptop just can’t do it anymore)

it’s way too big to host anywhere either.  Just running a fast mapping program has taken almost 24 hours to finish them all.. and I was processing 7 worlds at a time… [I think there was around 80 unique worlds, but I tried to make them easy to move around, and usually only a few were open at a time… and I ran multiple servers at once for a while]


Ppl still find me from around the world.  Just two days ago I got a friend request on Vine from China… someone who used to be on the server and found me… a whole bunch of Brazil… Netherlands… honestly blows my mind.. all these ppl on my computer.

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