Study for accessibility
Ever since volunteering for the Cerebral Palsy League back in 1991-1992 for a year, working with the kids, setting up the computers with accessibility [button interfaces, straw interfaces, teaching them how to use them] I’ve been fascinated by human computer interaction and UI (User Interfaces). Everybody has a set of skillsets and the way people design computers to be used by non-engineers is fascinating to me; fascinating when they get it right and fascinating when they get it wrong. (and usability is something most programmers/web designers/etc get _WRONG_).
Here is a study being done right now that might help usability for the future. If you have a computer or a tablet, you can participate. Probably phones as well. They need every kind of participant [I had to click ‘expert’ on most of the questions], not just people with physical/other accessibility issues.
So, 15 minutes of your life. Maybe something good will come out if it. is the Cerebral Palsy Center I volunteered for (and also attended between the ages of 3-5)

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