Street wise? No. I always happily talked to strangers when I was a boy. I still do as a man, as long as they’re nice and I feel safe :)


  • Good point. I learned some “street wise” young (mostly, “STICK CLOSE TO THE DRIVER because they’re taking you home” and don’t walk down side-streets… [8 years old, visiting new york city]

    and other stuff, like scam artists, that took longer to learn. Only got scammed twice so far but understanding the ways of the scam artist and WHY they hook so easily took much longer. [I had to learn my own weaknesses]

    Knowing how to work people? Discerning truth from falsehood in hostile real-life territory? Never gained that skill set. My amygdala goes into overdrive and I freeze or fight blindly if I don’t find an escape route quickly. Never got the hard candy coating for my chocolate as it were… hence, why my happy realm is Internet-land.
  • Kenneth Udut I always talk to strangers though. As a young boy, I happily chatted with strange men in public NYC bathroom while peeing and never thought twice and nothing bad happened and I’m *still* talking to strangers to this very day – they’re just on the Internet.

    [I just consider them friends, like you guys, not strangers – and I assume you’re not peeing under your desk right now but wouldn’t care if you were]

    I heard all the stories – mom of course (and I’m sure she was right in her way) – but I always believed I could gauge people individually. Still do – but I stay away from situations where I perceive an extreme power differential between me and others where I’m on the low side, and they have an agenda that somehow involves me.

    Wow. I just equated the entire Internet to a NYC public bathroom. I do have a strange mind. And need coffee.


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