Strange adults could be more freely abusive towards youth in the 80s.

Strange adults could be more freely abusive towards youth in the 80s. There wasn’t the ability to report bad things as there is now. Until the late 80s/early 90s, it was *still* a valid defense in court that a girl who ‘dressed provocatively’ asked to be raped. Sexual abuse against boys wasn’t even talked about and if it was, it was in the form of jokes.There were plenty of helicopter parents in the 80s: this was the rise of “warning labels” on music (PMRC), and 80s TV sitcoms and kids shows treated kids like idiots most of the time: Entertainment for youth today is LOT better. Between youtube and edgier kids shows, kids are allowed to see more than they would have compared to their 80s counterparts, who were constantly shielded from nudity, sex, violence. Everything was “what about the children?”Parents were more likely to be ok with their kid getting roughed up by a cop. “must’ve done something to deserve it”. Parents trusted other adult authority figures back then and some took advantage.Yet, I can’t say things were worse then or better now.

I *do* think that 90s and 00s kids (GenY, which I’d put at 17 – 36 today if I had to guess) got the worst of everything. Worst of helicopter parenting. {mid 90s – post 9/11). Soccer moms. Parents trying to turn their families into 1980s sitcom families by controlling everything.

[‘what changed in the 00s?]

 broadband came along, internet infiltrated into homes and schools, smartphones /tablets easily available. This allows kids/teens some more independence from their parents/schools/friends. Parents may still try to helicopter, but the kids have more outlets now to escape, at least in spirit.
 Udut But these aren’t ‘real’ freedoms they’re more like “pressure valve” release.Youtube is an example of one of the freedoms available. It’s subversive freedom, just as reddit is subversive freedom, 4chan, even FB and stuff, because the parents aren’t paying as much attention.

If they knew that their 7-12 yr olds were online dating in Roblox, they’d probably pull the computers out of the wall. and smash the tablets. I pay attention to cultural shifts and this subversive element among youth that parents are blind do has been interesting to witness.


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