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I don’t think sugar is inherently better either, but I tend to stick to splenda [and yeah, I’ve read all the stuff about splenda too] – when I can in processed things because the dangers of excessive fatness are medically worse, imho, than some of the dangers that are said about the artificial sweeteners.

I actually use sweet ‘n low in my coffee.  It’s cheap. I can deal with the flavor.  I don’t add salt to my food so I don’t worry about the sodium part much.

I also avoid white flour as much as I can.  I’m not as anal about it as I once was… I had it as a forbidden food for a long time – now I eat it on occasion.


Jan 13, 2015

My favorite sweetener was stevia, before they were allowed to market it as a sweetener.  It was dirt cheap then because it was labeled vaguely.

But then when it was finally allowed to be labelled as a sweetener, the prices SHOT UP and… the stuff they sell in the supermarket is the cheap version… and the good version I used to get from some vitamin supply company shot drastically up in price.  so… I had to go to sweet n low at that point or splenda.  I grew stevia about 7 years ago.  Made tea with it but wasn’t worth the bother to extract anything.


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