^Stereotyping individuals is a common, easy^

^Stereotyping individuals is a common, easy trap to fall into. Most people want to put other people into simple, easy to understand boxes. "If this person is bad in one way, they are bad in all ways." (villifying someone, "trash talking", gossip) or, more rarely, "If this person is good in one way, they are good in all ways". (hero worship, having a crush, adoration) But this is a dangerous pattern of thinking. All people are complex individuals. Each person's brain has trillions of synpases firing, have a unique history that is all their own, have different viewpoints and understandings of the world and themselves.

But here is what happens: Each person speaks from their own scripts. They have the same responses, ask the same questions, respond the same ways to situations. It's habit, pure and simple.

Scripts are easy, scripts are safe.

But you can rewrite your scripts. And, for you, that will change everything.^

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