Stephen Hawking, you didn’t help me write my 10th Grade Black Hole paper because you published your book a year late. Also…

The stereotypical God that a stereotypical atheist considers non-existent, I too consider non-existent.

Am I an atheist? I don’t believe so.
Am I religious? I don’t believe so.

Now, here comes one of those “Say something nice, then add a “BUT””:

I adore Stephen Hawking. Always have since A Brief History of Time (which my Library got a year AFTER I already wrote my brilliant 10 page high school paper on Black Holes, with ZERO input from Stephen Hawking. Brief History would have made it a LOT easier to write.

So, I don’t adore him for being entirely unhelpful with my high school paper. But otherwise, I like him and he’s charming and interesting and quite clever.

HOWEVER: When he went at length to explain “Why God need not exist”, on the Science Channel… and I noticed more and more of my favorite Science personalities become atheism advocates [all using the same disturbingly consistent style] … I was disappointed. Very much so.

To me, he then just joined the ranks of Old Men utilizing their status in life to Pontificate about all sorts of stuff that really have nothing to do with their fields of study.

And the God that he proposed need not exist? I don’t know a damn person who believes in *that* God either.

But I know a lot of people who fight it. Tilting at Windmills.

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