“Stay in School!” “Go Play Outside!” “Go to Church!”

Recap of weird past few days:
“Stay in School!” “Go Play Outside!” “Go to Church!”

“Get off my lawn” guy shoots gun by 13 yr old.

Some people defend the man, some people protest.

Milo Y, age 32, loses book contract, etc after praising his experiences with a priest 19 years ago when he was 13 yrs old.

19 years ago, Mary Kay Letourneau, age 34 had relations with her 12 year old student (getting pregnant, etc)

19 years ago, Bill Maher defends Mary Kay Letourneau on his TV show and 19 years later hosts Milo Y.

So… if you’re a 12/13 yr old boy in the USA, you can get shot at and get your teacher pregnant and SOMEBODY out there will defend you, somebody will prosecute you, somebody will go to jail and somebody will walk away.

Why am I getting that old Kenny Rogers song in my head?


Ok, it was the chorus.
There’s an abstract connection between them. I guess they’re all gambling with dangerous words and actions.



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