Status of life on Earth? a) I’m not dead yet

Status of life on Earth?
a) I’m not dead yet.
b) I believe we’re a resourceful species.
c) I believe we’re a ridiculous species.
d) Old species die, new ones come along.
e) Life is TOUGH and finds a way.
f) It’s a rehash of Earth Day 1970 in 2015
g) the ebb and flow take care of things generally
h) Other people are going to stress out about predictions.
i) Other people will challenge, accept, verify, invalidate whatever predictions come up.
j) Some predictions will become very popular and lots of fuss over it and they will change things.
k) There will be no way to tell if the effort caused an improvement or not.
l) SHOULD people, then, just do nothing? it doesn’t matter what I think. I’m not in power.
m) Getting stressed over predictions does not help me.
n) I can’t speak for anybody else.
o) I listen to them though.
p) I evaluate
q) I decide if there’s anything I can do to help
r) If there’s nothing I can help about then I let it be.
s) I have causes
t) this isn’t my cause
u) I might be wrong.
v) I might be right
x) But I know most predictions are wrong
y) The more hyperbole there is in a prediction, the less likely it will come to pass
z) Therefore, as this is hyperbole, whatever math backs it up, by default, it’s probably exaggerated tremendously.

See h, i, j

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