Statues are not history. History is learned in history books.

Statues are not history. History is learned in history books.

Should statues of Hitler be placed in Jewish communities?
Should we put statues of Satan in churches?

The history of those who fought to keep slavery is for those who support those who fought to keep slavery. Those that were enslaved don’t need their noses rubbed in it everytime they go to the park. They want to get on with their lives.



Autonomous zone was basically a college project that lasted a week or so and stopped. This sort of thing isn’t new to the USA.
Compounds and stuff are another version of the same thing.
People are always marching in the USA and social movements happen. Was there a civil war in the late 1960s? No. But stuff like this happened.
  I say this because; If you’re implying that POC will take over non-POC (whites) and then start abusing their power, is that because you think that non-POC (whites) have been abusing their powers over POC all this time?
 Bernie’s goal is to infect the Democratic party with more Progressive values than it has.But that’s just pulling it away from the Bill Clinton Democrat era and back towards the FDR Democrat side.The USA doesn’t know what leftism is.
Facebook intentionally shows you posts that will get a rise and lately I’ve had to mentally ask myself, “Is this Facebook showing me a post that I will get annoyed at and have to respond to? If so, can I just keep scrolling? “It’s hard. 8 out of 10 times I still respond like I normally do. But bit by bit I’m starting to “keep scrolling” as hard as it is.It’s not so bad that I’d want to leave FB. I like it a lot. But that part of things can get old quick.
 Is this “every culture is the same as the worst aspects of my own culture”?This does get us off the hook from having to answer any questions for what we did. We have no proof they did those things but we will assume ahistorically.
 If the vote came to me? I’d give it back We fucked them over in treaties in a nation that’s SUPPOSED TO be a nation of laws.Always pisses me off when we break our own rules.
 “Hey guys? Right to vote!” Zoinks -0 sorry your polling booth is 150 miles away down a dirt road with no public transportation and it’s open for 15 minutes on a Tuesday.
 Several of my direct ancestors were involved in an ACTUALLY FAIR trade deal in the New Jersey area in the 1600s involving tribal chiefs from several indian nations.These are the signatures on the contract from the Indian tribal chiefs. Actual.My ancestors kept the treaty with them, before the “usa” existed. We have no excuse not to hold to ours now.
 This is the only topic that ever caused me to get blocked on Facebook. It was 5 times in the last 15 years (2005?) on Facebook.Sometimes it took a little, sometimes a lot. I didn’t want to get blocked. I was surprised each time.Today I got blocked for calling an old friend on his snide remark, which I suspected was towards me, and it was. SO now it’s #6 – although this time it wasn’t directly about this topic but close.I don’t agree to disagree on it but I learned to stay quiet on it, except maybe to mention what I said just now. I won’t make headway and I’ll just get blocked again from friends that I liked for other reasons but this one apparently is “the topic” that breaks white friendships more than any other.
 Logic:This is the original question:”Since you have done a lot for the African-American community, what is your message to them when their ancestors were enslaved because of [these leaders who are commemorated on these monuments]?”If Trump was speaking *in general* by paraphrasing George Santayana in an answer to the question, it’s still answering the question and the answer applies to the African American community who were enslaved by the people represented on the statues — UNLESS he turned around and addressed the question specifically ALSO.He did not that I saw. So the “answer in general” is ALSO the specific answer. Otherwise, he did not answer.
 Change the subject when they bring it up.
Avoid it.
But keep an eye on them in case they radicalize.
Or don’t bother with them at all.
 You decide on what values matter to you.I have neo-nazi friends. I avoid the topic and change it if it comes up. I’ve had to drop some too. It’s no different than being friends with a Jesus freak or somebody with convertitis. How much I can tolerate depends on how deep in their religion they are.Nazism as a hobby becomes a religion for many, particularly when they find just how many sympathizers are easily found online.
I don’t think there’s a poor lil’ nazi. If they’re lonely and don’t know that being a neonazi is the reason, then they’re not bright because undoubtedly someone said something along the way. If they’re lonely because they insist on not changing for anybody, well, they made their choice didn’t they? Only friends with people who agree or sympathize. So, I dunno It’s hard to pity.
Feeling sorry for their lost humanity is valid. Disappointment. “he had such great potential and look what they did with it”. I know that feeling.But, now let me ask: What do you think about people who would cut them out of their lives?
 t Free market capitalism at work if you believe in that sort of thing.It’s not cancelled from life. It’s removed from a job. You get another. Maybe consider changing worldviews. There’s a REASON why these worldviews are not acceptable. It’s not just any old worldview.In most of the PLANET, some of what only gets people fired in the USA would get them fined or in jail.
 So it also applies specifically to African Americans and statues knocked down.In that case, what history will the African Americans be repeating?
  So, his answer has nothing to do with the question about African Americans and statues representing civil war people who enslaved African Americans?Does generalizing give you a free escape from answering the specific?
 I don’t know the story. But a lot depends on public face. If you work in a position with a public face, and you ruin your public face in some way, you get repreminded or fired.Just because it’s about racism or neo-nazism doesn’t give a free pass vs passing out drunk naked at a public school or whatever other bad image things people do to get fired.
 Great. So, the take-away that African-Americas can get from the general statement is:What?Nothing? Learn from history or you repeat it. What history? Is there any meat to his message for them?
 I didn’t create this interpretation. That’s how it’s being read. By the black communities. By many Americans, By people not in America.That’s how it looks and how it reads.YOU can “call BS” on me but that doesn’t matter. I didn’t create this opinion. I agreed with it.Others are saying “it’s only a quote from the guy – he didn’t mean it”.

Thing is, I grew up near Trump in the 80s and 90s. Always in the news. He’s always the same. Always throwing shade at people he doesn’t like.

How can I teach you to see him how I’ve seen him for 30+ years? I can’t.

 You’re lucky. You can judge him via isolated incidents. He gets a free pass now and again.But I’ve been jaded about Trump since 1993 during the Indian Casino Trials. What an asshole he was. What an asshole he is. Talks shit, always convinces some suckers out there.I cut him slack before that. But I saw him saying stupid shit about American Indians and casinos and I was like “fuck that guy and his bankrupt Taj Mahol”.

I had friends that got screwed by him during the building of the Taj Mahal. So, yeah, I’m biased.

You can give him free chances. But he’s just a jerky real estate guy who doesn’t make good deals from the 1990s to me.

I’ll add to this (going beyond the question):
Once the USA was no longer a colony of Europe, the landowners depended on the slavery of purchased African people even more than they did under Britain, so much so that the USA continued engaging in slavery to the point of having generations of slavery, changing their identities and everything. While Britain abolished slavery through their kingdoms in 1833, it took a Civil War for the USA to nearly abolish slavery in 1865, but the wounds remain.
However, slavery in the South was transformed into sharecropping and slavery continues this day in the USA in the prison system, in which slavery was never abolished but remains a profitable part of American business to this day.
 That’s why we sit indoors on chairs behind computers and telephones and fax machines. Officework in climate controlled environments compensates for these disabilities.

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