start with audacity, then FL – unless you’re determined.

tag me if you get the answer you like.
MY suggestion is start raw. Get Audacity. Work with sound files directly. You have unlimited tracks. With youtube downloading add-ons, you can use any song.

There’s no complication. It’s flat like streams of cassette tapes yet extremely flexible. Copy paste, copy paste, copy paste, and you can accomplish anything the fancy programs do.

Plus, it’s a great utility for sound. I live in audiacity, especially when making things for Vine or Youtube videos.

But something that does instruments? I dunno. That’s harder. I’m still looking for one for myself that not a pain in the ass or money.

If she’s *willing* to learn FL, then go for it. On Vine, there’s 10-11 yr old DJs that are mixing together their own songs using FL [because there’s really not much other choice out there at present] – and you wouldn’t *know* they’re 10-11 unless they do a face reveal. Personally, I think that’s awesome because age doesn’t matter when you have skills.

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