Stargate – looking forward to reboot.

After you mentioned it, I took a look at a synopsis of Dark Matter and yeah, i don’t know how well it will work.

The continuity factor is missing.

I think part of the great success of Star Trek through the years is the Universe that was created and then filled with a succession of different characters.

Stargate, as a fascinating hybrid between the world we know and a secret government program that travels to new places has gained its own history.  the Universe they created took a long time to build to where it is, and it seems to me, if they want to be a success, they should continue to fill that Universe up with more shows/movies/etc.  It could easily last a very long time.

But as a “similar but not the same” as Dark Matter appears to be.. it will have a much harder time getting out of the starting gate.

…starting gate.. STARting-GATE – oh I really just said that didn’t I?  ugh. lol

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