Spotlight, moonlight, contrast, the bear that was a warthog and me.

Spotlight, moonlight, contrast, the bear that was a warthog and me.
A dream from earlier today.
In this dream, I was working outdoors at night in pitch black with no lights around me except that which illuminated my work itself. All around the work was pitch black and I had to get from the house to there, unable to see anything but the light at work.
One night, I started hearing strange noises so I decided to bring a flashlight.
Emboldened with my new power, I shone the bright narrow beam spotlight all around me, seeing through the woods. I walked up the long driveway and I saw flashing eyes that went away! I’d seen something alive with eyes but what was it?
Searching around in spotlight mode I could only get glimpses of the eyes that were many. They were far enough away to not be a real threat yet but I wanted to know what I was dealing with.
Then I realized: THIS was VERY SPECIAL FLASHLIGHT. I was able to change the CONTRAST RATIO.
So, by switching from HIGH CONTRAST (stark black and white) to LOW CONTRAST mode, everything became NEARLY an EVEN GRAY and I was JUST BARELY able to distinguish everything at least a little.
Suddenly, as I glanced across the street, I saw them! It was a family of bears and I could JUST distinguish the outlines of them all, but their eyes were shining brightly.
With my special flashlight, I thought I had the advantage and got bold.
I walked towards them to show them who’s boss, even though they were far enough away to not be a threat.
They all saw me and backed up a little.
I tested my new powers again and they backed up a little but a bit less than before.
All the while I’m noticing something odd about the lead bear but I’m so proud of conquering not only the darkness but also conquering the mental game with wild animals, I did a minor charge towards them again.
This time, they barely took a step back.
I changed the contrast of the flashlight back to high contrast.
It was then I could see it. The lead bear was not a momma bear but a warthog.
I heard the combined snort of the warthog with an annoyed exhale growl of the bears
They did not benefit much from my extra ability to see them. They could still only see me just a little as the flashlight was in their eyes.
I realize I had abused my power to see more, abandoning the work not to reasonably protect from a threat but I attempted to become a threat myself.
I dropped the flashlight and disappeared into the darkness and the warthog picked up my flashlight in its mouth, and the warthog and the bears began their chase against the bad guy who scared them for no reason at all.

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