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  • I think we lose the idealism of youth; we sometimes accept the positions of our elders, or we find *new* parents – a guru, an ideology, whatever the case may be… and latch onto it as: ABSOLUTE TRUTH and use it as our new measuring stick. This happens in our teens and especially in our 20s I believe.

    Some people stick with it. Some put it aside and might chase after ideal after ideal (if one is an idealist)… and then… at least for me, I find that I have been piecing together something that’s, well, “just for me”; some combination of absolutes and relative positions on various things.

    I’m 42 now. I’m convinced that we’ve learned almost everything we needed to know by the age of 4 years old. Everything beyond that, is roleplaying.

    [we first absorb society by mirroring, then as we become social beings – almost as if some kind of explosion takes place around the age of 7 like a “HI WORLD HERE I AM… omg they’re attacking me… I can’t let them know my weaknesses”

    and it’s roleplay after roleplay…. acting out the models of our youth in various forms. Replacing our parents with new parents; an ideology replaces Mom or Dad… etc.

    and right and wrong… well… yeah, its’ hard not to lose your certainty in some matters…but then we gain certainty in other things – often ones that are from experience.
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  • Kenneth Udut Dan Schuberth Good manipulators; I try play “SPOT THE BULLSHIT” quietly – to myself – with everybody. [including myself… although it’s hard to spot one’s own bullshittary]

    I find the areas I can trust a person with and those areas that I can’t trust them.

    Then, I work around the areas of mistrust by being careful what I say and do around them. I’m slow to judge but slow to believe.

    And I accept my losses when master maniuplators win over me. But then I do a “post mortem analysis” so I am better prepared in the future.
  • Kenneth Udut [actually thats a lie I tell myself. Rather, I’m quick to judge but I allow plenty of room for myself to be mistaken]


  • Seems like handling the truth increases with age and wisdom as well
  • Kenneth Udut Dan SchuberthIt can, if one works on it. I’ve seen the opposite happen as well. Some people find themselves changing ideologies later in life. I’ve seen many older people (a relative term – I’m older than some, others are older than me, etc) – get more conservative as they get older, losing their liberalism of youth and becoming more concrete and absolute in their convictions.

    I’ve also seen concrete thinkers in their youth, lose their ideology and lose their ideological footing, while reconstructing themselves from within.

    I wish wisdom-increases-with-age was a truth. But 9 year old nephew is wiser than me in some respects, while i am wiser than him in other respects.



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