spot the bullshit

Perhaps because of my goofy nature and occasional “food for thought” posts, I don’t know why, but I tend to get large followings of kids and teenagers on various networks. G+ and Vine mostly. [some of them from running a Minecraft server for my nephew for 2 years as well I’m sure]. Anyway, I’m happy for the audience and so I keep things clean. I’d say my followers are probably 1/3 8-17 with 2/3 18-88 as it were.

With my little pulpit, I occasionally preach messages that are along the lines of, “Teach yourself to spot the bullshit wherever you find it, especially bullshit you tell yourself”, and sometimes I’ll highlight advertising bullshit, parental bullshit, school bullshit, work bullshit, friend bullshit, media bullshit, etc.

There’s truth around, but if you can’t spot the bullshit, well, someone’s going to lead you somewhere you don’t want to find yourself. I also tell them to call me on bullshit especially, because I really don’t want to be adding to the problem myself

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