Spinning the Plates.


Spinning the Plates.

Did anybody ever see Plate Spinning on TV or in the Circus? A guy with a bunch of long sticks places them standing on end on the floor and spins plates on them, one after another, rapidly, and he has to keep running around to keep the momentum going on all of the plates so that neither the plates nor the sticks wobble or worse, fall to the ground and crash. A master plate spinner is calm, focused and quick at the process.

Every one of the thousands of things that get your attention during a single day… every task you perform… every thing you think about, is a spinning plate on a stick that you started spinning the moment it got your attention and you began thinking about it.

Keep spinning the plates. I know you can do it. Keep spinning the plates.

-Kenneth Udut, 06/12/2013 1:13am. Written Just for You.

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