Spider and Rat – by D, age 6 – Adventure using real toys, evolved in real time.

just went on a long adventure involving two warring kingdoms, with bats as the kings (they were brothers) and an evil little girl rat that kept trying to sell poisoned “rat scout cookies” to the other kingdom (I was the rat).  She kept poisoning a black widow spider (D. was the spider) who kept coming back to life – then the girl rat was captured, interrogated for her misdeeds, killed and brought back to life by fly magic.  Then they moved their kingdoms to China where they had parties at each other’s new kingdoms (the brother’s were friends again by this point).

But the black widow spider and the girl rat kept poisoning each other for years. They were both troublemakers in each of their kingdoms, pranksters who didn’t always follow the rules.

Then one day, they were alone in my kingdom while the others were sleeping in D’s kingdom after a long night partying. They decided to become friends.  Spider wanted to show girl rat (who was now a woman rat) his old “webroom” (bedroom) in the old kingdom.

They travelled back to their old kingdom, reminisced about old times.  After that, the spider says, “if you grab onto my web, I’ll show you something really old that you’ve never seen before.”

Spider and rat travelled for months and years to get to a place far far away where they suddenly found a door.  That door was the Edge of the Universe. There was nothing beyond that point.  Rat was absolutely blown away – amazed, astounded, couldn’t believe that there was an edge to the universe.

next thing you know, spider opens the door and goes through with the rat in tow.

Crossing over beyond the edge of the universe, there was a bright light we crossed through.  As we went outside, we were floating in the Land of Nothing.  We were screaming but there was no one else to hear.  We couldn’t see each other because there was nothing there.  No color, no light, no dark, no death, no life.  But it was a strangely peaceful place (after the screaming stopped).

We somehow found out way back over the Edge of the Universe to go back into our Reality.  But then we couldn’t find our way back to the Two Kingdoms.  We tried Kingdom after Kingdom (there were 8 other Kingdoms but they were all deserted, each with their own tales to tell).  So spider and rat went back to their original kingdom from when they were a little spider and a girl rat.  It was emptier, older, even more deserted, for many more years had passed by.

So spider and rat decided quickly to travel BACK to the Edge of the Universe again, crossing over, back into the Land of Nothing, all in reverse.  Reverse speech, reverse movements – all in the hopes of travelling back in time, to get to the point where everything Returned to Normal.

We thought we were successful.

We found my Kingdom, the Kingdom to which the rat belonged.

Nobody else was there.  Rat figured “They must be partying in your Kingdom, Spider”.

So, we crossed over the bridge connecting the two kingdoms.

As we entered into Spider’s kingdom, we saw a pair of mirrors.

As we looked into each of our mirrors, we noticed something startling: Girl Rat was no longer a girl, no longer a women, but she was a very old woman.  Her fur was grey, almost white, and the spider was much older as well.  They were shocked!  they did not travel back in time to Return to Normal as they had anticipated.

They turned around from the mirrors and looked around in horror:

Everybody was dead. Too much time had passed.  They were gone for too long.

The two king bats, the flies, her brother rat and her cousin rat – all laying upside down and dead.

Rat goes up to her Bat King and manages to bring him back to life for just a few moments.  Bat King says to girl rat (who, again, was now a very old woman), “We searched for you for years and years and could never find you – or Spider” and then he died for the 2nd and final time.

Spider and rat went back across the bridge, back into rat’s kingdom.

They went into separate corners, “and they lived sadly ever after”.

NOTES: YOUNG KINGDOM: Thomas the train rug.  CHINA KINGDOMS: Two placements, my kingdom was the sunflowers side D.’s was the roosters and the sunflowers.  A grey lego board was the door then the gate into D.’s kingdom.

Other placemats were other kingdoms that were empty.

the path to the edge of the universe was through the kitchen, then my livingroom.

The edge of the universe was my front storm door.

the Land of Nothing was the sidewalk in front of our house.

TWO BATS: Brothers, each king of a separate kingdom.
THE RATS: Bad girl, her brother and her male cousin.
THE FLIES: Had the power to bring you back to life.
THE BLACK WIDOW SPIDER: Male Troublemaker, kept starting trouble, like the time he bought a rooster that crowed one morning non-stop to wake up everybody who was partying in his kingdom. We had to kill that rooster. At first, everybody thought the girl rat bought the rooster, then the kings started blaming each other.  But then the spider confessed, everybody surrounded the spider and kicked his butt – that’s why he went over to my kingdom and met up with the girl rat to go on their adventure to the edge of the universe and beyond.

There were other numerous adventures within each of the kingdoms, but this is as concise and short as I can make it.  I wanted a happy ending but it didn’t work out that way.

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