Spent my life avoiding Philosophy until recently. I should look into Hegel more.

I really need to study philosophy more. I spent my entire adult life avoiding studying philosophy until a few months back, and finally decided to start tackling the beast. it wasn’t as bad as I thought, once I could wipe away the blurred lines they each liked to scribble over each other’s Crayola art.

My bias: We’re all children roleplaying adulthood. Seriousness happens when we forgot we were only playing. There’s never been adults in the history of humanity, just bombastic declarations of certainty and blame.

“I know I’m right. I know she stole stole the cookie when I wasn’t looking. It wasn’t me.”

I should look more into Hegel. I’ve probably studied him without realizing it [I saw a reference to him on a typewritten piece of paper I did 12 years ago when I was defining where the IDEA of IDEA came through and looking at all the perspectives.. and his name popped up. My notes-to-self are weird]

my one experience with Hegel [outside of possibly seeing him mentioned elsewhere]
http://icopiedyou.com/write-a-book-on-organizing-your…/ on a bullet list in the middle of the typewritten ramble from 12.5 years ago. Apparently I was impressed by him then, so it seems likely I’d be impressed with Hegel again now.

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