Speaking/thinking of one’s self in the third person?

Another odd thought that has occured to me that I would like to 'bounce'
off of others here if I may...

We are to move in the direction of dispassion, of removal of the "I/me"
now so that in the end we will be more of what we can be, than if we had
trapped ourselves in self-conceptualizations... and to do this,
seeking only the love of God (I think - is this right?)

Is there a tradition or something along these lines (I have gotten some
hints of it from some lives of the Saints but I could be mis-reading),
where one constantly sees himself as an outsider, perhaps as a "he"
instead of an "I", as a process to be more conscience of one's own
movements and thoughts?

Example: (I don't do this, by the way - it is just by way of example)
Instead of referring to myself as "I", I might refer to myself as "he",
as if I am talking about somebody else entirely.  And not just when
speaking to others, but also when speaking to myself.  So that, when I
am walking down the street, I don't see it as myself walking down the
street, but rather as "him" - almost as if a story-line was
unfolding... and by doing this, if I was about to fall into sin, I would
see "him" falling into sin, and then catch myself before I go forward
in the sin...

Is this making any sense?


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