space. What a mess a pinho…

drywall? plaster? Gotta watch for hidden things of course behind the wall. some of that’s easy – electrical *usually* follows the studs up the wall (or down) – but in some homes, they do cut it across sideways – rarely diagnally! So look at each outlet, lightswitch, telephone box (for telephone wires). Then look at plumbing fixtures (sinks, etc) – same idea with them. heating fixtures, same …thing. it all only takes a few seconds of glancing around the area. Then cut – carefully. I had a surprise a few years ago when I put a screw in drywall to hold up a shelf, to suddenly find water trickling then GUSHING out. Turns out, although my bedroom is FAR FAR away from bathrooms, etc – RIGHT ON THE OTHER SIDE of the wall was a hose bib (“spigot”) – and the plastic (“pecs”/pex) was leaning against MY side of the inbetween-space. What a mess a pinho… “

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