Space and time are a by product of “difference”; for anything to be different, you need:

Space and time are a by product of “difference”; for anything to be different, you need:
1) Time
There has to be a before, a during and an after.
(that’s not to say things are necessarily CAUSAL – but if we speak of things as events in a first-then-that-perspective or even in a “that then first”, it’s the best language we have at the moment)

2) An outside.
Perspective.  It’s how we can even SPEAK of anything.  There has to be a triangle at the bare minimum – an outside looking in, or an inside looking out – but there has to be an in and and out for perspective… otherwise there is just an in and a wall or an out and a wall – that’s the nature of the great ? that drives human curiousity – “what’s behind that wall?”

I believe there ARE no walls but rather obstacles we just haven’t found the gaps to go through yet.  Where are the little mouseholes in the infinite walls and how do I shrink small enough to pass through to peer into the other side?

3) An outside = space.  Time to do things and space to do things in.

When I saw what you wrote I did a double-take because in my notes I’ve written almost the exact same words – if not THE exact same words.  We’re composers who happened upon the same melody.  Pretty awesome when you think that that’s even possible.  Then again, if you look at the whole of Time from a “Gods eye view” (not invoking God – it’s metaphorical) – even our connection right now is simply a thing that happens and there is no way for us to know if this merging of ideas today is what influenced what our interests were in our lives before we happened upon each other on Google+.

The whole free will/destiny thing which is the fodder for lots of debates and specualtion and really awful romance novels.

(that’s easily resolved too – just go to the future and look back at today and map out the connections from the past to then.  Or do it from looking at the totality of time. Get outside of the maze.  But then again – we are the tip of the pencil as the pictures are being drawn from our perspective – can we influence the direction of the pencil?  or are we the experience of the graphite hitting the paper?  Ahh lovely ponderables)

Goes to the Einstein absolute vs relative thing. Ok, he didn’t come up with it – its an idea that’s ancient as ancient.  But he’s the coolest modern figure and a great guy to point to for this stuff.  Can you see all things from all perspectives at once or is everthing relative to everything else and there IS no absolute perspective?

Well, does water flowing through a hose know the color of the grass the hose is resting upon?  Does the fish know of the ocean?  Perhaps.

The fact that we are able to compress a structural and symbolic structure of the ENTIRE UNIVERSE from beginning to end and all of the physical processes that are happening within it, into a single 3 lb ball of FAT that exists WITHIN the very system it is describing – is absolutely astounding!

(and also shows how far we have to go.  I don’t know what a particular ancient Greek was thinking at precisely high noon 2307 years, 37 days ago.  But why not?  There’s no reason we COULDN’T have that kind of knowledge available.  We just have to get around a few obstacles.  We already can SPECULATE – and add up all of what we know and can predict to write a fictional story about that man which may even be true – but that in itself is quite amazing)

4) Which should be 1 but all this counting is fake anyway – I could go to a million easily.  The nature of the first irritation that created the first spacetime.. that stretched out into the 90 degree angle into the first dimension.

That one I think will end up being easy.  it’s a charge – a shape really.  positive and negative are attracted, same charges repel.  I see “neutral” charged things as not neutral at all but balanced charges, probably containing locked together charges that are not seperatable by us just yet.

Not the magnetic force per se – but magnetism is a nice analogy to charges because it behaves the same way.  I see it as shapes similar to cups – you can STACK cups in the same direction – the bottoms and tops merge together in a way and take up less room.  Imagine that on a super-tiny scale.  You’d suddenly have walls.

But try to match the top and top of a cup or bottom and bottom of cups and suddenly, you have space out of nothing.

That would be, to me, oh gosh what is the fancy word they use… its field lines but there is a fancier word describing  it… electron holes have valance bands – holes for them to go in…. but no that’s not it.. no its the gaps inbetween… ah the BAND GAPS… wait.. it has a fancier name…

there’s forbidden lines… wait that’s closer… ugh. the word is escaping me.

Well anyway… it’s the places that waves AREN’T and generally won’t be with the awesome exception of being under pressure .  High pressures – or lots of tiny cups stacked together – can overcome ANY of these “forbidden gaps” or walls in common experience.. just like a bulldozer makes any wall we create into flat ground we can walk on.

There are no walls.  We know this because at one time, there was none.

Neat thought experiement I do to myself sometimes:

Imagine all things are inverted; suddenly you become a gas and the air around you is solid.  Or if the nothing becomes something and the something becomes nothing.

Or imagine in an instant you are converted to energy and all the energy around you is converted to matter.

flip flop.

And what’s it like at the crossover point when energy is not matter and matter is not energy?  The rotational point.  Or the part of the magnet where – and + meet together – not the center which is theoretically a homogenous blob of -+/and everything inbetween but the edges where its identity just begins to change.  Straddling between two worlds between undifferentiated and diferentiated…

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