sort sort sort. All on the fly.

I find what helps is using whatever methods I can find or figure out that help with thinking clearly.

I haven’t found “the system” all neatly outlined for me.  I envy people who find one that works for them.  I just play it by ear and try to use the best for each situation.

It’s like having a sorting algorithm.  Here comes new information.  Oh look, there’s my preconceive notions joining it.  Let’s compare.
Sort sort sort… this goes into this bucket, this one goes into that bucket, this other one goes into the other bucket…

sort sort sort.  All on the fly.  I try to stay nimble and try to assess situations/questions fresh from within the context I find them asked and what I perceive the needs of the asker are.

I envy people who say, “Logic is the basis for…” and stuff like that.  They got the rules laid out.  I tried it.  Didn’t ‘jive’ with me; too many holes to use for everything, but useful for some things.

Still a work in progress.

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