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If “Long Song” was done by an American Church. Cheezy Organ + Arpeggio [Doctor Who]
[I was pretty proud of the technical achievements here: I extracted the chords using “Sonic Visualizer” and Chordino – “note representation of chord estimate” and saved to MIDI (first time using those) then ran it through SweetMIDI Arpegiator THEN I did it again while flying through space with “MIDI Trail”… and THEN I had to find the SRT (closed caption) file – which OpenCaptions has thankfully – THEN I had to slide the time back to 0.. using online tool called “SRT-fixer” [did a pretty good job]. and THEN had to hard-burn the captions in using FFMPEG (which required some tweaking because I have a Windows machine) and learned how to do *that*. So, for this cheesy presentation, gained a few skills.
k so just joined. I just made this an hour ago which is unfortunate for several reasons. For one thing, shi… TARDISposting is supposed to be appear minimal effort for maximum effect whereas this is … oh nvm it achieves precisely the same effect. I was pissed because I finally saw where that lovely regeneration song (paired with a nonsensical “impossible regeneration” solution but I’m getting used to that) came from a few days ago and couldn’t get the damn long song out of my head. So when that happens, I have to find a way to ruin it for others as I’m not going to go through my ‘Oh this is awesome! Wow! –> Get over yourself it’s a show get a life” routine AGAIN alone.
So, hi.
So, I just made this about an hour ago. Not sure if appropriate although it might be. Here’s my thinking:
A few years ago, I heard the lovely tune that played during Matt Smith’s final episode and it had a little place in the back of my mind, as many musical ideas do.
Then, two days ago, BBC America happened to play the episode where the song originated from, and it was one I hadn’t seen before – the Rings of Ahkmaten I think it’s called. Loved the concept of the story – very Douglas Adams-ish I think. Matt Smith gives an amazing speech and while that was incredibly powerful and certainly a “This Marks The Point Where He Arrives” in a strong way, it was the concept of the people in those planets with the singular religion that had lasted for millions and millions of years that simply blew my mind.
The song stayed with me for the past couple of days non-stop and then suddenly a thought crossed my mind: They were at church. This was a church hymn and a very powerful one at that. But… what if…
what if… “Made in America”?
what if instead of being Church of England inspired (known for its beautiful music in the world of religious music), the song was instead performed in the USA by a small church with a limited budget who was _really_ trying their best but couldn’t quite match up to High Anglican standards? What would it be like?
So, I put myself as choir director of the mythical chapel that might exist on the furthest planet in that solar system… or perhaps on the smallest moon encircling the furthest planet… the one that gets forgotten by the richer, more powerful churches on the more prosperous planets… and whose peoples can’t afford the pilgrimage to the chapel closest to their god but try their best anyway?
They might do something like this.
 “The ‘Rings of Ahkmaten’ is my all time favorite episode of Doctor Who to this day.
This project here, that you just presented, is my all time favorite project you’ve ever done.
This coupled with the accompanying story in your comments moved me to tears. Well done.
” -Jera Wolfe
I’m so very glad “message received in full”; this symbolizes for me the offering of “imperfect gifts” – my own inadequate (by my own standards) contributions to the world of… well, whatever world it is I’m contributing to at the time – and a reflection of what I believe is *likely* a Universal human (and perhaps mammalian) sensation: That of earnestly “doing one’s best” to express the inexpressible; an inner sense of “Thank you”, whether it is a 5 year old presenting a “my family” drawing to a parent drawing circles and lines using the best their limited fine motor skills can produce…. or a puppy or cat presenting a dead animal at the feet of their owner in hopes for a pet… and so often confused when the response is dismissive.
A god or authority, head or leader of any stature who does not recognize the full validity of imperfect gifts is not worthy of their title but like the parent who sees the hard work in the macaroni art or misshapen mug. the “earnest”… is one who is in the right position – an honorable position that may be given yet must also be continually earned.

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