Songs [Muzak] playing in my job, May 5, 1996, by time.

At one job, I was bored a lot.  They had Muzak playing. I wrote them down. Muzak has a formula that they used to keep workers working and happy enough.  Weird business science ideas that seemed to work well enough.  See if you can figure out the psychology.  Hint: Most of my co-workers were women.
Skipped songs whose names I don’t know:
8:45am “Long and Winding Road”
9:05 “Do you remember? (when we met)”
9:27 “Because of you”
9:39 “Just the two of us”
9:43 “Look at what love has done to us”
9:48 “Baby, don’t lose that number”
9:56 “All I need is a miracle (all I need is you)”
10:03 “I’ve always been in love with you”
10:11 “I go crazy” (when I look into your eyes)
10:16 “I come from the land down under”
10:35 “Baby, I need your loving – got to have all your loving”
11:10 “Free as a bird” – John Lennon
11:56 “My Girl”
1:30p St Elmo’s Fire Theme
1:40 Uptown Girl
1:43 Don’t be afraid. (I’ll be there)
1:54 “Do you want me now?”
1:57 “I’m faaaaalling in love with you”
2:01 Umbrella (all that we did, under our umbrella”
2:04 Baby come back
2:10 On and on
2:53 Hold on (to what you’ve been given)
3:00 Ooh, let me think it over.
3:17 You got a friend in me.
3:19 “Missed Again” (by Genesis)
4:09 “Take my breath away”
4:15 “Ain’t no woman like the one I got”

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