somewhat random problem solving thoughts

And yes.  I could have said the whole thing in a short, single sentence.  There’s absolutely nothing “new” here, really.  Yet it took a surprising amount of research to come up with simple conclusions.  For example, at one point I studied “Who figured out the best way to solve a Rubiks Cube in the shortest amount of time?”  Well, I found out one of the fastest methods, when it came down to it, was simply this:

Mentally chop the thing in half diagonally.  Solve one diag.  Solve the other diag.  One of the fastest (I think it ended up being “the fastest”) and there are some yippity-yap and awards and such for the guy but when I realized all he did was chop it in half long-ways… making two triangles (pyramids as it were)… I was like, “ok, duh, makes sense”.  Not that I could do it; but it that’s what it ended up being.

Lots of complicated problems with elaborate descriptions for their solutions ended up working out to: break it down in to parts you can manage, and solve the parts you can manage to solve until you’re done.

Substitution is another great solution to problems.  Have a stand-in.  If you’re getting bullied, a strong friend can take your place.  If you don’t know something, learn from someone smarter; they are a “stand-in” for your brain until you understand it and then it gets incorporated into your brain.  If you dont want to understand something and just “get it done”, you can pay someone to do something for you. etc etc.

So there’s a surprising amount of “stuff” behind my ridiculously simple way of explaining what’s “obvious”.  So many notes I took about different subjected, and ended up pointing to the same answers over and over again.  It was actually kind of annoying; I wanted it to be so much harder or more amazing.  But it wasn’t.

Maybe that’s my limitation; but I can only do as much as I can do.  Someone smarter or better spoken than me can come up with something that sounds better.  I just wanted to “go super basic”.  You can accomplish a lot with a few very basic rules, applied thoroughly.

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