Somewhat Privileged 54% Privilege!

First time I got 54% on anything and it was considered good and no, I’m not just an average middle-class citizen – whatever that means. Ugh. Fucking test. No wonder ppl get annoyed when they’re legit told to check their privilege. Then again, it’s probably right. Dang it.

Somewhat Privileged

54% Privilege!

Somewhat Privileged

Approximately 29% of the population fits this result.

You may have had some hardships in your life, but odds are you still live in one of these little boxes on the hillside. Sometimes you might have trouble making ends meet, but you take comfort in knowing you’re just an average middle-class citizen–whatever that means.

I recommend that you keep your eyes open for signs of privilege in your everyday life. Notice the people who wait on you and perform services for you. How do you benefit from using people of lesser status than you? Are you more courteous and polite to people who look moneyed than to people who look poor? Is the balance of power between the rich and the poor fair?

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