Sometimes, you just *know*

Sometimes, you just *know* you’re onto something… (I’m determining the physical nature of reality – to try to explain the Nature of Reality in a way that includes science and religion equally – neither for nor against any ‘sides” and explaining the correctness of concepts such as The Force, God, how the Uncertainty Princple and the results of the Double-Slit experiment are easily explained in a way that’s simple, easy to understand, can be explained using terminology from mathematics, geometry, science, physics, religion, mysticism, poetry, music, art, Engineering,, ….)..

and so simple and obvious that it can be explained to a 4 year old and they would understand it.

I’m not there yet… but I got an idea in my head. (regarding elascticity) I wrote it down while I was taking the groceries in. Came to the computer, went to Wikipedia to learn more and then I was like, ”WOAH, there’s one of those images that includes a lot of stuff in one place”

It’s not THE ONE… but it’s a great clue. I know I’m being vague – but that’s ’cause I’m not ready to release it yet :) – and I have a few loose ends to connect first.

This, by the way, is a picture of an anti-crack. You find out where the natural breaking point is in an object then you put a ‘stiffener’ in so it doesn’t break. This is not a mystical mathematical picture of a mandelbrot – it’s an actual picture of the stress of something about to break, and shows where you are supposed to stick something rigid to prevent it from breaking – an anticrack.

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