Sometimes it’s nice to not have to think. I have an iPhone 5s.

Sometimes it’s nice to not have to think. I have an iPhone 5s. [started with 4s]. For the first time in a lifetime of computing, I have a device I don’t mess with. I don’t hack it. I don’t mess with batteries. I don’t play with storage. I just use it. I resisted every temptation to tweak, customize, etc.

A very odd thing happened: It became an extension of me. I didn’t care what Apple did with my data. I liked how it crashed elegantly: something stops working and gracefully quits. I don’t need to know what went wrong.

Since Apple started doing the “upgrade for life” thing (ie – trade-in program), my next phone will *probably* be an Android again and I’ll be back to tweaking, hacking, customizing like I normally do with computery things.

But it’s been nice not having to think about anything except what I’m doing. I simply don’t care how the iPhone works or the specs. It just does. I’ll give Apple credit where it’s due.

As far as the computer goes, will I go to Linux after this Win7 dies? I dunno. Maybe like ss if the new computer comes with Win10, then Win10 it is. Maybe I’ll do some flavor of Linux. For now, I’ll baby this old laptop.

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