Sometimes I choose to switch vocabularies, sometimes I keep doing what I do. Depends what I feel like.

Absolutely. I’ve been accused of “talking over people” at times, both online and real life. I’m always surprised, and then I forget that sometimes ppl feel inferior. Sometimes I choose to switch vocabularies, sometimes I keep doing what I do. Depends what I feel like.

And for me, ontology for example, is a useful word. I understand it and use it. Sometimes I write about it in descriptive form just to change it up a bit, keep it fresh, sometimes I just say “ontology”. All depends on my audience really.

But I don’t have a problem with someone saying “ontology” always. Dictionaries are easy and common things, especially with The Power Of The Internet(tm) that we forget we have on hand 24hr a day smile emoticon


On the other hand, Back in 1990-1995 I created and ran a mailing list called Y-RIGHTS, back when I was 18-23. “Rights of kids/teens” – open to all people. Not many kids/teens on the Internet, outside of University student and military but there were _some_.

I had a strict rule of language: Don’t talk over people’s heads, because we had UNICEF and people from many countries and cultures – AND also some kids on there as well.

My rule. Two people absolutely HATED the rule. David Deutsch (the quantum computing guy) + Sarah Fitz-Claridge were talking Philosophy – way over the heads of myself and the other members.

They got mad at me. There WAS no www at the time. No Google. Most info was still bound in libraries.

So I suggested they start up their OWN list where they can set up THEIR rules, and I gave them resources to start their own.

Well, they did, and formed a movement called “Taking Children Seriously” – some kind of no-boundaries parenting style that’s grown in popularity around the world.

On her webpage describing the history, she even recounts the incident – although in her words I kicked them off my list or something like that. Whatever – her bitterness, not mine – and if I didn’t, they probably wouldn’t have started what they did, so take that obscure old Internet history.


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