sometimes bored is good. it means somethign new is coming.

Perhaps I’m easily inspired, but I let my boredom lead me. I always say, “I’m never bored” but really, I must be, because I go from project to project, rarely in a pure “whats next?” state for long. It’s an undercurrent. Once in a while though, I face the undercurrent of boredom or uncertainty – not sure what the word is – face on.

One of my projects since April ’13 has been facing “the gap” and all the places I find it and trying to piece it together wherever I find it. Philosophy was one of those gaps. I say was; it’s not a past endevour; but I had a “super-drive” for it for a few months and with it, a bit of a refinement of life purpose.

To me, you’re in a good place right now. The tired. Something new is coming.

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