Someone bought my universal Thesaurus!

Oh wow – it’s a real mess – thank you for buying it smile emoticon [it was my first attempt at an eBook]

Wow – well, the numbers are their index numbers. At the moment I can’t remember what was special about their original 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 order… that’s something I have to double check.

But basically, they’re the unique index number for each one.
I have no idea what it looks like on various devices or on the computer. I’ve had a sinking feeling that it would be very very messy but I don’t honestly know.

For me, I use it sometimes as a thinking exercise: I glance at a bunch of words in, let’s say the first level. I try to see what might they have in common.

I’ve done the same with all of the levels. It’s like trying to figure out “What is the underlying order that’s hiding here?”

I *think* I have it figured out… but I’m still not sure. That’s why I published it to put it ‘out there’: I couldn’t come up with something really concrete outside of some very broad abstractions and I figured I should just “get it out there” and hope that somebody else sees something I can’t.


This book was too fascinating to pass up, so I bought it. I loved the introduction, but I still don’t know what the numbers to the right of each entry mean. Could you give me a brief (or not so brief if you want) synopsis of what these numbers are?” E.H.


I *think* the numbers are unique to each word. I’d have to double check: Either they’re for the whole database or for each of the 5 levels. But yeah I’m pretty sure each word has a unique number.


That means it’s word #100329.
I don’t know how that would be useful for anything, but I felt keeping the index intact was important.


Ah – that’s the significant part. Every word in the “1” has SOMETHING in common with every other word in the “1”.

Same with 2, 3, 4, and 5.

I gave them the numbers because I didn’t want to impose categories on the system. I’m hoping they’ll emerge with analysis.



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