someone asked if I was a teacher – i guess im good at breaking down complicated things into digestable bits – yay :)

I’ve taken career tests and in one very long extensive one, I came up with the ones I expect to find like Psychologist, Coach, Counselor, Rabbi/Priest/Minister – I would always see those…

…but this test had a surprise for me in the #1 spot:

Middle School Teacher, Gifted/Special Ed.

It’s logical. Who typically in life is at a perpetual state of uncertainty? The middle schoolers who are gifted and those who don’t “fit in” in other ways (they call them “slow” – but they’re not slow at all.. they’re nonconformist).

In short, I work well with people who don’t fit into the bell curve or the ‘norms”. Whether “too smart for their own good” or “Too slow to follow” – or whatever awful things people say about the non-conformists.. I relate to them and understand, no matter whether the’re kids, adults – the age doesn’t matter. The human phenemonon is the same.

Yet, I haven’t gone into academic teaching yet. It’s on my bucket list of maybes.

But what I do *instead* is I try to teach everywhere I go. Since I’m online as much as possible, that’s what I do. It’s not that I _know_ anything more than anybody else – I DON’T – but Itreat each person as unique because each person *is* unique.. and when I feel the need, I give 100% of my attention and energies to try to help.

Still, even though I took some child psych classes when I was 18-19 and some elementary education courses in my late 20s, I never managed to finish college. Thankfully, there’s always money in computers and also in running your own businesses – so I never regretted it.

But teaching is definitely one of those life-paths I *could’ve* taken. And so, I did – but on the Internet instead of a classroom. Been online since 1988… since I was 16 (I’m 43 now) – so , yeah, I think I’d have tenure by now I’m sure tongue emoticon

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