Somebody needs to be responsible in case there’s a mistake.

Ethically, I’m OK with newspaper or online publication of public access biographical information.

I’m OK with this because there is a form of accountability.

The responsibility for publication rests with somebody. If a newspaper, the responsibility sits with the reporter. If online, anybody who republishes or publishes is responsible for what they post.

What I do not approve of, is using throwaway phones to anonymously call their place of work, their school, their families or children or parents or spouses or grandparents with this information.

Why? Isn’t it the same? Don’t they have a “right to know”

it’s not the same.

Somebody needs to be responsible in case there’s a mistake.

No matter how certain people make mistakes.

Even if absolutely positively true, don’t call them directly anonymously. Don’t encourage others to harass them anonymously.

Leave the responsibility with somebody if you can’t handle it yourself.


Their mothers, grandmothers, fathers, grandfathers, sons, daughters, teachers, bosses, neighbors – each have a reasonable right to not be anonymously harassed.

If you feel they need to know that somebody in their circle kicked someone in the head while wearing a Nazi flag and you have it on video, call the police. Call the FBI. Call the Media. Spread it online even.

Don’t be that person that calls the people surrounding that person.



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