Some things people criticize me for:

I try to stay positive.  I encourage other people to stay positive.  There are bad things that happen in the world.  Bad things that happen in each of our lives.

I try to avoid it.  But you are right:  I say nice things about myself too much.

Some things people criticize me for:

I write too long.
I don’t make sense.
I am illogical.
I share too much about myself.
I am unprofessional.
I am sloppy.
I talk to anybody.
I change my point of view too much and I do not stay focused on a topic.
I am inconsistent.
I am a hypocrite.
I talk about doing things and don’t do them.
I break promises.
I am undisciplined.
I say nice thing about people who don’t deserve it.
I do not follow rules the right way.

These are some of the things people have criticized me for.

Here are other things people have criticized me for:
I am an idealist.
I am a dreamer.
I should be realistic.
I am impractical.
I don’t listen.
I talk too loud.
I talk too soft.
I am too smart in the wrong places and stupid in the places where I should be smarter.
I am a fool.

I am aware of the thing that critics have said about me.  But I don’t let their words control my emotions.  But their presence is always there.

That is why I try to stay positive.  I don’t want to let the negative people win.  Some of the negative people are dead but the hurt they caused me I carry with me.  I am trying to get rid of the old hurts.  So, I stay positive whenever I can.  It keeps my emotions healthy.

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