Some things are extremely s

Some things are extremely satisfying. I’ve been going the LONG route. I know I could have skipped all of this. I knew about this theory back when they came out with it. But it was all mumbo-jumbo mystical ”ooh woah-dude” and the ”get practical, Ken” bug was everpresent and I didn’t want to get sucked in.

Even now, I know not to delve deeper than the ‘gist’ of this. What #holonomic brain theory does for me, is provide:

a) a large body of research that a WHOLE LOT of really smart people have already and are currently working on *so I don’t have to*

b) It gives me a solid *foot* into the scientific realm for when I publish scientific papers, so it can be said, ”Similar to Holonomic Brain Theory, Kenneth Udut postulates that” and ”Unlike Holonomic Brain Theory, Kenneth Udut postulates that”

A basis for comparison.

but mostly it gives me:

c) No longer starting to feel like I was the only person in the Universe who was thinking *similarly* to this. Believe me, it’s exciting to be on the forefront of something ”new”, unconventional and yet, ultimately will prove to be something very _common_, _everyday_ _practical_ and _easy to understand_ when I’m done.

Yes, this was very nice. Very nice indeed. And I have a way that I can explain Holonomic Brain Theory, without ever reading a single word of *other people’s work on the subject* because I came to it my own way.

It is the space here: > – < the - that contains everything that is on either side. And when I'm done, the knowledge will not be some high-faluting egghead Genius-Club-Only thing.

It will be something understandable, useful and practical to everyone and, in one version, it will be in a children’s book that a 3 year old can understand, or a housewife can use so she can handle all of her kids’ and husband’s demands without going bonkers. Or a kid can easily do ALL OF HIS HOMEWORK without stress or care and leaving more than enough time to devote to Video Games – and to maximize his score and Mastery of the game with this knowledge.

It will also be knowledge that will allow Video Game designers to be able to create better games now. and computers to run more efficiently.

Information to be organized more easily.

It’s big. *really* big. And I’m almost there.

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